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  Helper | Shining a light at @littlelightofminelibrary | Psalm 73:26

You: Say things like “catched her period” and “the sick was on you” when one of us gets a cold. You told me that you know a lot of big words like “opportunity” and that you save them in your head for whenever you need them. You changed schools last month and with that came sweet friendships and increased confidence and spelling tests. You officially sleep in your own bed every night. You said goodbye to your Great-Grandmommy yesterday, your heart saddened that you didn’t get to have as much time with her, you sat on my lap, your hand resting in your sister’s and mine during the service. That was you taking care of your heart, leaning on the ones who help comfort it.// Me: Wishing I could un-catch a period and the sick would stay off me. Now receive a weekly invoice for afterschool care and while it isn’t an expense we planned for it signifies one of the best decisions we’ve made together as a family. I still miss my old roomie but I no longer risk falling out the bed because I teetered on the edge. Said goodbye to my Grandmommy yesterday. I don’t feel like I got enough time with her either. I don’t know if there’s such thing as enough time...I do know that when she was here on earth her heart beat for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and that even when she only had the strength to say a few words to me “Melody” and “Jalayla” and “Lola” were always among them. I’m continuing to learn how to comfort and take care of the hearts of my babies while concurrently taking care of mine. Taking care of others comes easy. Myself not so much. I’m starting to dream some of my own dreams again though and I think, for me anyway, that’s a way of taking care of my heart. Thankful for the “opportunity” to do life with you, your sister and your daddy. Thankful that your hands are the ones I hold.♥️ // We: both got car sick. We will have to make it up to Jalayla since she had to sit between us.😬🙄😍 #briscoeprojectyouandme #projectyouandme

Seems like so long ago and also just a moment ago. She’ll be 15 this year...♥️

100th day of school project! Zoom in to see why she’s excited about this one!💕

Fellow children’s (and middle grade and YA) book enthusiasts have you seen what we’re sharing over at @littlelightofminelibrary yet? Our hope/goal/mission is to inspire readers to shine bright because (perhaps more than ever) the world needs our light. ✨

If you haven’t yet, we’d love to see you over there. If you have already joined us THANK YOU. If kidlit and Little Free Libraries aren’t your thing, that’s ok too. There are countless ways to get your shine on.✨✨✨

Sometimes awful things happen and your heart shatters into what feels like a million tiny pieces... just when you were finally finding your footing again. And while it could be worse the ache is no less real...thankful for the people in my life who help me to pick up the pieces, even if we’ve been here before, who love me and my family so well in every season. Also thankful for all those random selfies Lola takes with my phone.❤️ Edited to add: I am ok. Chris and the girls are ok. Thank you. And thank you for your prayers for my family. It is hard to see people we love hurting and to grapple with the question: haven’t they endured enough? And sometimes you love them so much that you can’t help but hurt too. Trusting God’s plan even if I don’t understand it.

Gang’s all here.💗
#hazelvillage #latergram

(I shared this over @littlelightofminelibrary but I’m sharing it here too!) I recently had the honor of reviewing Dancing Dreidels written by Alva Sachs and illustrated by Patricia Krebs for Multicultural Children’s Book Day. Thank you Alva Sachs for gifting me your book! .
Vividly illustrated, Dancing Dreidels is about a girl named Rebecca and her four favorite (and so darling!) dreidels which were her mother’s when she was a little girl. Each year Rebecca excitedly awaits, for Hanukkah a Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days and nights, in fact, she is so excited she begins to prepare over a month in advance. Rebecca decides to practice with her dreidels each of them given a name; Sheila Shin, Gail Gimmel, Harry Hey and Neil Nun. Only one of them is unable to dance. And at night while everyone is asleep, Sheila who had been unable to dance alongside her fellow dreidels, sneaks out of the box to practice dancing...
Read my review via the link in my profile. But before you go there’s more!😊
Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2019 (1/25/19) is in its 6th year and was founded by Valarie Budayr from Jump Into A Book and Mia Wenjen from PragmaticMom. Their mission is to raise awareness of the ongoing need to include kids’ books that celebrate diversity in home and school bookshelves while also working diligently to get more of these types of books into the hands of young readers, parents and educators. Learn more at @readyourworldmcbd and discover more wonderful books via the hashtag #ReadYourWorld!

Jalayla doesn’t go back to school until tomorrow and no longer wears uniforms BUT to support her sister, who started a new school today, she got up early to get ready for school too and put on her old uniform. All her idea. It rained so we couldn’t do our #briscoe1stdayofschoolchalk but THIS was even better. Grateful for my girl and how God used her to encourage and support her little sister. #jalaylaandlola

Headed back to school tomorrow, but this time to a new school. Please say a prayer for my baby.💗

Happy New Year!
📷: @emilymcdowell_

All 5 of us made it to midnight...15 minutes into 2019 and Lola was asleep. I’ve got next.😴 Happiest New Year friends!🥳💖🎉💖

Our (other) #bestnine2018. Three of them our from 8th grade graduation. Thanks for being so proud of our graduate too.❤️

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