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Holly Nicole  Mother of two beautiful girls and the queen of my one and king/best friend/lover! #fitfamily #fitmom #fitbabe #couplewithtattoos Advocare advisor :)

⚠️⚠️⚠️abuse went TOO FAR!! 💔disturbing photos when swipe

18 yrs old 7 1/2 months pregnant
Don’t judge a book by its cover
I smile each and every day i have been through hell and back a few times I’ve made choices i am not proud of i have loved and i have hated i have said some hurtful things i have hurt others and others have hurt me.. I’ve grown to learn i am the only once who controls my happiness my future and my life. I fought for my life and i will continue to fight. I struggle with PTSD DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY.. mainly caused by myself and one other person. I am stronger than ever though i am fighting it. That other person is my oldest father .. the man who took my life from me he stole my soul my trust my love my security. I forgive him for what he’s done i am better today than I’ve ever been. Ladies listen up even men! Verbal abuse is where it all begins.. physical is next then death.. i went through them all. The signs were there but i didn’t pay attention to them i didn’t listen to others and on March 19, 2008 i died - i saw the light and I’m not just saying that i truly saw it but it was not my time! I am still here 2 slices to my throat and neck one stab to my hand and one stab missing my stomach i am still here. And i am grateful for it. I have two beautiful amazing children that i will ensure i each them about abuse love and security! Today i am sharing these photos of what i went through with the world and to express and share my story - PM me i will tell u all of u want to know more. Leave any type of abusive relationship because it’ll only get worse. I wish i didn’t because i used to be embarrassed of my scars i wanted them surgically removed but i couldn’t do it. I have permanent nerve damage on the left side of my head neck and even my ear! I have been through more. Stand up against yourself you are better you can walk away And you do deserve better if you are in a relationship with ANY sign of abuse .. i am here for anybody that needs to open up and just isn’t comfortable. Fight your battle before you’re fighting for your life!!! #womanagainstabuse #10yearsstrongandcounting

Our spot always - he wanted a drink.. oh he got a drink.. actually a few! 😂🤴🏽👸🏻#sundayvibes

Just a casual attempted step out 😂😜 then we got lazy 😂😂

Stepping out on a beautiful Sunday to ride felt amazing! Takes all the worry in the world away putting my life in the hands of my man! #bikersqueen #1000 #hisrideordie

2018 spring break for my oldest diva and her cousin!!! #greatestauntever

💅🏼 💅🏼💅🏼💋💋💋

They made it!!! Sierra’s first spring break at the beach and away from me!!!!

All set!!! I personally like to roast my veggies no more than two days before i eat them! They just taste better that way :) or just stem my asparagus 😊😊😜 i do cook a fresh dinner most of the nights!

I’ve never felt better waking up, going to sleep and throughout the day until i was introduced to limu!!! 2 oz shot morning and night! #100benefits #seaweedblend #theoriginal

Seasonings is the trick to changing it up and sticking with it!!! Lemon pepper*hisFav jerk chicken *myFav then just a mixture of the others! We not will usually get two servings from each breast gives us almost a whole week of lunch and dinner :) #mealprepSAT

Ugh miss this!!!! I am coming for you though

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