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HippyTree  The original surf and stone company. Founded in 2004 • Hermosa Beach, CA #surfandstone / #52weeksofnature


Contemplating desert exploits with the tribe. Shot right around this same time last year in Joshua Tree, CA. #hippytreetribe #surfandstone

Dodging chandeliers in the South Bay. Tribesman @kylekbrown. LA County, CA. Photo by @rickylesser. #hippytreetribe #surfandstone #52weeksofnature

Cool, calm and committed. Tribesman Keenan Takahashi @katakaha on "Terminus” in the Buttermilks. Shot last year by @ktakashismith. Bishop, CA. #hippytreetribe #surfandstone #52weeksofnature

The winner of our #52weeksofnature photo contest for week number 7 is Susan Allen @soozi3q. Her timely image of this bald eagle resonated with us and fought its way to the top. A brand new week starts tomorrow so get up, get out and capture what moves you. #52weeksofnature

We are excited to announce the release of our Spring 2018 Collection. From flannels and sweatshirts to boardshorts and hybrids we got you covered for chasing swell and hunting stone. Check out the collection in stores and online. #surfandstone

Wave and Wildlife Division. Since 2004. New tee designs in stock for Spring. #surfandstone

Hard days work deserves a beach chair and a beer with our favorite pup Dora. Bishop, CA. Photo by our amigo Ken Etzel @ken_etzel. #surfandstone #hippytreetribe

Mid week levitation with tribesman Tommy Witt @t_witt_. Photo by our amigo @evan.adamson. #hippytreetribe #surfandstone

The process of collaborating with artists and photographers is an inspiring and rewarding experience. Here's a shot of our recent collaboration with renowned lensman @chrisburkard. #surfandstone #hippytreexburkard

Our #52weeksofnature photo contest continues. The rules are easy. Shoot a great picture that relates to nature, follow and tag @hippytree and post your photo with the hashtag #52weeksofnature. Every week we choose our favorite image and repost it on our page. The winner receives a $100 gift card to hippytree.com. Get inspired and share your vision with us. Photo by @johnnyjungle. #52weeksofnature

A good plaid never goes out of style. Fellow tribesman @ruben_fuente. Photo by @hectorbarrero. #hippytreetribe #surfandstone

Hunting stone off of Highway 395. Tribesman @thomas_maxson. Bishop, CA. Photo by @ken_etzel. #hippytreetribe #surfandstone #52weeksofnature