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Beckey Brumfield  Yes sayer

It happened quick. snapped fingers and it was done. Our house is sold.
We are now homeless. We are wandering slugs without our shells.
No walls to hang our memories, no floors under our bare feet that rush into dark bedrooms to kiss away the scary dreams.
Our years here fortified us. Made us strong and readied us for our adventure ahead.
My eyes are bright and my heart is open, but there is a sadness. I will miss it here. I will miss my green and unruly yard. The starchy grass we laid slip and slides on every summer and napped on and camped on and that grew tall weeds and wildflowers in the spring. I will miss the sun smiling in all the big windows and all my house plants reaching towards the brightness. I will miss the warm wood floors. The view out my bedroom window. The feeling of turning the key in the lock and being home at the end of a long day.
We are exchanging the comforts of home for miles in front of us
Our North will be pulled up like an anchor. Our compass will spin.
Maybe it’s uncomfortable or maybe it’s liberating.
Or maybe it’s both at the same time. and maybe that’s okay. for now.

Man, I love this place

We just put our house on the market.
We are moving away.
Not any one place in particular, but a series of many places.
We are going to pack a small amount of belongings into an RV, and see some things.
Our plan is for a year.
Our plan is the West.
Our plan is to have no plans.
Because we want to move away from the mundane.
Because we want to see, adventure and explore.
Because our kids are only kids for a little while longer, and we wanted to capture a piece of their childhood that they can have forever, to write adventure on their hands and feet.
We’ll be saying sayonara to school pick ups and soccer schedules and sack lunches.
We’ll be tearful when we have to wave goodbye to friends and pack up this house full of memories.
We know we will get dirty and bruised, we will be stretched beyond our comforts, and things with feel tight and strained.
We might come home early or we might stay out beyond a year.
We know it’s not for everybody and we know that many have gone before us and this isn’t new. But for us, we want to push beyond our limits, we want to see so much, and we can’t not.
I will home school the kids, and Pat will work remote.
We leave 6.14.18
We plan to come back for a bit in December.
Follow along on our journey, please. We will miss you.
And meet up with us if you can! We’d love to see you.

The Brumfields

Rallying together for positive change feels pretty incredible. 🧡#Marchforourlives

This is thirteen. It’s not wild or flashy, it’s not selfish or complicated. It’s easy and simple. It’s thoughtful and kind. It is us and it’s the best.

It’s magic here.
#favorites 🌺🌈🐠

Sunset on our last night in Hawaii

We came here over 11 years ago. We kayaked, snorkeled, swam, repeated, but it was just the two of us. Well, not quite, I was 6 months pregnant with Berlyn. You see, we got pregnant with Berlyn right after our 1st anniversary, so it’s never really been the two of us. But yesterday we came back here 11.5 years later, and looked around, now the mountain side is filled with green, the ocean is loud and wild, and our kids are all around us, it’s better than it was before. And my heart is full.

Don’t forget it

Bold, thoughtful, dramatic, sensitive, strong, messy, soft, critical, quiet leader, even, light, bright, growing, passionate, introspective, indigo
I sat and considered these 16 traits, they’re not a exhaustive list, meant to restrain, but instead they are a road map of where you’ve been. A set of markers that tell a story, the story of your life so far, after 11 years. You are a bold, soft bright light of indigo. You are a sensitive passionate mess at times, but you can be a thoughtful and quiet leader who pushes forward and continues to grow. I love the girl you are and the young lady you are becoming. You amaze me with your strength, that always rises to the occasion, and your introspection is beyond your years. May your next year be remarkable with discovery, with dreams, and with exploration.
My love for you runs as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky. -❤️ your Mama

This is Elvis, I love him.

Getting #LAtrendy with these babes

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