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˗here for memories.  - this account is not in use anymore but kept for the memories -

so hi i'm gonna post for alex cause he asked me to keep his account active. he's gonna be gone for a bit cause he needs to sort some stuff out but he'll be back soon :)

ignore x

~ new theme ~

ignore x

this is horrible whatever :)
your 7th & 8th recent emoji is your reaction if this was real {😆🤘🏻} what's yours ?
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

[ swipe -----> ]
before i start i said i was gonna do a 1k edit to officially thank you guys but yanno i dont know how to edits so julia helped me out and did it for me { @jmbxrjs } but seriously thank you all so much :) comment your name letter by letter💛
[ @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob ]

so im hella late but thank you all for 1k it truly means a lot :) @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

hiplikejacob x jacob sartorius
i hate this but i have nothing else to post so enjoy :)
also it's kinda early but im tired so goodnight everyone💛 (say it back fora cookie)
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

[ swipe — > ]
jacob or mark?
have a great day guys and it's like 1am and im not tired rip😰
{ @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob }

iTs mI birthdaY😰
no ones active and its 12am goodnight beautiful peopleee :)❤ @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

[ swipe for a musically ] —> hope y'all had a great day :) your 5th & 6th emoji is your reaction to the musically { ✌🏻️💧 }
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius

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