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I went to Tokyo, Japan. It wasn't my first trip there, but I haven't been back in so many years. Anyway, as I often find myself doing these days when traveling to a destination, is posting a call out for people who may be interested in photographing for any cause or specifically Modest Street Fashion. I did just that for this visit as well. I didn't hold any expectations about anyone being there, but I remembered people in the past inquiring about a visit to the land of the rising sun. This is what resulted. This gorgeous show of @aatatum in the middle of the Shibuya district. She's the only I photographed there as emails started coming in after my departure from the country. I guess we'll have to catch the rest of you guys for volume 2! :) I love her use of patterns and color variety, what I find my strike is that there's a random turban in the middle of shibuya, how awesome is that!

Tokyo, Japan
By: @langstonhues
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