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The original Gang Starr was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by Guru (then know as MC Keithy E) with their earliest recordings in 1986.
In 1989 the group split and the only member willing to continue was Guru.
He soon got in touch with Houston, Texas native DJ Premier (then known as Waxmaster C) who sent Guru a beat tape, which Guru liked.
He invited DJ Premier to join Gang Starr and in that same year they released their first single ‘Words I Manifest’ Gang Starr went on to become one of Hip hop’s most influential groups with classics Step Into the Arena (1990), Daily Operation (1992), Hard to Earn (1994), and Moment of Truth(1998)
In 2006 Guru announced Gang Starr had reached its end.
In February 2010, Guru suffered a heart attack, went into a comma, and died on April 19, 2010
Guru chose not to go public that he was diagnosed with myeloma in 2000.
Click the play button to hear a 60 Second portion of the Gang Starr classic ‘Moment of Truth’ Thank You.
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A lot of young Hip Hop fans really don't understand how legendary LL Cool J is in the world of Hip Hop.
LL took Hip Hop to a whole new level with his brash, in your face, delivery, and cocky attitude.
He became, literally, the Michael Jackson of Hip Hop. Salute!!! #hiphop #llcoolJ #hiphopculture #itsaboutthelyrics #follow

Troy Donald Jamerson aka Pharoah Monch (born October 31, 1972) hailing from Queens, New York.
Pharoah Monch is acclaimed for his complex rapping technique. Kool Moe Dee says: “ Pharoah Monch is like an eloquent linguistic professor moonlighting as a rhyme serial killer terrorist, challenging the listeners’ I.Q. while daring him or her to keep up” Pharoah Monch’s vocal delivery is inspired by jazz music and musicians such as John Coltrane.
His soulful nature is further testament of Hip Hop being an African American art form and is tragically missing in today’s watered down hip hop landscape.
Pharoah Monch May not enjoy the notoriety of other legendary emcees but Hip Hip gurus know he’s one of the most lyrical emcees to ever hold the microphone and can only hope Pharoah Monch is in the laboratory somewhere crafting another masterpiece. Enjoy this ‘60 Second Hip Hop Lesson’ and don’t forget to press play.
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Queen Latifah (born Dana Elaine Owens on March 18, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey) When it comes to legendary Hip Hop Emcee’s, be they man or woman, not many rank higher than Queen Latifah. So much can be said about this woman, her achievements are vast and dynamic. She’s an emcee, songwriter, actress, model, television producer, record producer, talk show host, and Grammy Award Winner- Talk about woman in charge, Queen Latifah is that and then some!
With this ‘60 Second Hip Hop Lesson’ I chose to feature her song U.N.I.T.Y. because of its lyrics and powerful message imploring females to carry themselves with dignity and for men to treat women with respect instead of objects.
It appears this message has fallen on deaf ears within the current landscape of today’s false hip hop music. Will we ever have inspiring lyrics such as U.N.I.T.Y. In mainstream Hip Hop again? DON’T FORGET TO PRESS PLAY. Enjoy! #hiphop #queenlatifah #repost #60secondhiphoplesson #hiphopculture #love

Chubb Rock (born Richard Simpson; May 28, 1968 in Kingston, Jamaica) was one of the first ‘big’ emcees of hip hop who was known for his unique flow, baritone voice, and dope lyrics. A former National Merit Scholar, Chubb Rock was a former pre-med student who dropped out of Brown University to pursue his hip hop career. Enjoy the following 60 second Hip Hop Lesson of legendary big man Chubb Rock. #60secondhiphoplesson #hiphop #itsaboutthelyrics #rap #follow

It’s about who’s real and who’s fake. Get your shirt at right now!

What up everybody, here is another HHQ- It’s About The Lyrics 60 Second Hip Hop Lesson. Yeah!!!
Today I am proud to present the incomparable Hip Hop group Whodini.
Whodini was formed in 1981. The Brooklyn based trio consisted of Jalil Hutchins, John Fletcher aka Ecstasy, and deejay Drew Carter aka Grandmaster Dee. The group was managed by legendary Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons, brother of Joseph Simmons of Run DMC.
Whodini was Hip Hop’s first successful band that incorporated a heavy dose of ‘funk’ in their music. While most of Hip Hop was about drums and scratching, Whodini gave Hip Hop fans a soulful journey with beats consisting of bass guitar and synthesized melodies. IMPORTANT NOTE: The genius behind Whodini’s sound was legendary producer Larry Smith. This man is the greatest Hip Hop producer EVER!!! Without him there would be no Dr.Dre, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, etc. Larry Smith is responsible for the sound of Hip Hop. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014. God bless his soul, we are forever grateful.
As we know, unfortunately, there are a lot of ‘emulators’ invading Hip Hop and diluting it’s essence but emulators lack one major ingredient-they will NEVER be able to emulate SOUL Music and because of that we may never be blessed with the sounds of Whodini ever again. Don’t forget to press the play button. Enjoy and #repost #hiphop #60secondhiphoplesson #itsaboutthelyrics #hiphopculture @jalil.whodini

I just can't help but feel sorry for the millennials who have been brainwashed and subjugated to the idiot rap music of today, it's total garbage and manufactured to make you stupid.
For those of us who grew up in the era when Hip Hop was controlled by the very people who created it, Gang Starr was a blessing to us all.
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Lawrence “Kris” Parker (born August 20, 1965) better known as KRS-One and ‘The Teacha’ hailing form The Bronx, New York. He rose to prominence as part of the group Boogie Down Productions aka BDP which he formed with DJ Scott La Rock in the mid 1980’s. Following the release of the group’s debut album, Criminal Minded, La Rock was shot dead.
KRS-One is to Hip Hop what Malcolm X was to black people- the protector and teacher of Black Culture and it’s people. KRS-One used Hip Hop to instill Black pride and give footing to a people that was walking aimlessly due to American racism and oppression. KRS-One made Hip Hop powerful, and in the eyes of some Americans, he made Hip Hop DANGEROUS. If only these idiot rappers of today would stop being puppets and follow in the footsteps of KRS-One, Hip Hop would once again create the global change we all need. Enjoy and listen to this #60secondhiphoplesson. #hiphop #rap #krsone #hiphopculture

Don't ever listen to this album while in a foul mood... it won't end pretty. LOL.
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This video explains exactly why I created Hip Hop Quotables- It's About The Lyrics If we don't step up and protect Hip Hop and expose the truth as to why the racist American Music Industry took control of Hip Hop and turned it into garbage we may NEVER experience true Hip Hop ever again. This is SERIOUS!

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