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14948 posts   40062 followers   3700 followings  HHM reports the good the bad the Ugly!! Funny Videos, Strippers, News, etc last place real niggaz got to kick its kinda like Thug Mansion lol

Welp guess @meekmill can't return to #Miami

Let's see where the old heads at

Religion is so powerful it can make a grown adult that's sane! Compromise his or her own rationality.

Believe it or not! When chicks be out escorting normally this is the reality of it all.

Most men between the ages of 25-40 unless you're born into money, haven't acquired enough assets and revenue streams to support these girls habits
The only one that got it is men in the ages of 50+ it's very rare young guys can buy chanel bags and vacations every month and it not hurt there pockets

I know this Cuban guy that owns the parking lot that Wendy's sit on, he charges them $125k a month just for the location, I asked him what he reinvest in he tells me ...nothing! This is my fun money if i see a beautiful girl I intend to have fun.
I thought of a IG meme with Denzel Washington "my nigga"


πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @eppsie


4k a week I'll make a million regardless

He wanna be a bad bytch so bad @mackavelli101 #badbytchalert

Ok the 2009 space jams are $600 the 2016 release is $350 but this post still serves the same purpose.
These sneakers box price is $220 The reseller value is $350 and the older they get the higher the price like the 2009 release

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