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RapperAB  🐦 "Thank You " Full Video

I'm telling you, the motion of looking away from the phone amazes me I love that transition.

🐦 @daylyt2k

Too Weird?
"Thank You" video shows the different parts of me trying to get to higher frequencies. πŸ˜‘ Clashing together and it destroys the characters themselves. β€’ #Weird #Weirdo #ThankYou πŸŽ¬πŸ“½οΈ "Full Video In Bio" - Another one ; 😐
β€’ Don't worry, people have been requesting me to stop reaching so far . They don't understand what I'm doing, they don't get it. I will get better at balence. I will stop the extremes.... Maybe. 🐦

⚑The Messenger Show πŸ’‘
. . . .
#Local #bookreview #book
Time to rebuild Harrisburg .

New Music video "Thank You" Thursday. πŸ“½οΈ watch story for full video today. (24 Hours only)

Thursday. "Thank You" πŸŽ₯
I want to lace my music vvith infinite knowledge. 😲
β™ͺβ€’ I think that's where things are headed.


I want to Thank you IG family.
I went out last night and filmed a music video for one of the songs I had in the stash.
This is for you. πŸ’• Coming in September. πŸ’’
Finishing up the book "Local Dollars, Local Sense"
I will take the top info I learned from the book and make an episode of the messenger show asap. πŸ“– πŸ“š

Full "Red Meat" video available now in bio! πŸ·β­•
P.S. I just stared at the sky for 15 minutes and i think you should try it.

Lmk . . . Would u read some books?
Would u like the best info handed to you?
Via mail... - The background books on the right on the shelf are all books I've already read.
The middle shelf.
Leave a like if you enjoy the content and turn on post notifications to never miss an upload of book smarts. - RapperAB

@daylyt2k green light.

The only music I'ma listen to all year. This god only tunes you up. No way any other artist will make it of this is not an influence check tag

Learn new things, if you can't get by now, no duh you won't be able to do anything different.
You've got this. βš’οΈ

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