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Shailon  Herbal alchemy­čî▒ wild crafting­čŹÇ adventures­čîÁ and shamanism­čŹä My fate is in the universe.

I couldn't ask for a better partner,
Life has been good to me lately.

My heart belongs here already, soon to come I will be living in Arcata.
Wish me luck.

"She came a'sliding on down the alleyway like butter drippin' off a hot Biscuit."

"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite"

Face the facts - Jas Walton

Wow goji berries seem to need nothing to produce and do it heavily every year.

Stumbling into fall
The leaves say it's that time
Steve Miller band - fly like an eagle

#hooplah #hoopersofinstagram #norcal

I'm picking so many peppers nowadays I have no idea what to do with them anymore.
The weather is turning over to fall now and it's time to get the fall garden in.

One of my dearest of friends took Ryan and I out on a boat ride yesterday. Shasta Lake is pretty magical this time of the year.

Seriously though

Mini lilac bells mixed with garden salsa peppers soon to be packaged and saved for the winter.

I finally found some rambutan !

Cherokee rainbow corn in the 3rd year of seed saving

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