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Himalayan Dumplings & More  Next PopUp: 7/27- 30 @WashingtonCountyFair ❤️


Pan frying some beef and chives momos (#himalayans #dumplings ) Who wants some? 😋

Our lil dumpling booth is nicely sandwiched between two pro food booths 🙀Where are the dumpling and noodle lovers?
Here at Washington County Fair until Sunday midnight with:
Handmade Himalayan Dumpling and Stir Fry Combo Plate
Stir Fry Udon Noodles (Vegan & Meat)
Lemongrass Beef Skewers 💦

Dumplings at a fair? Oh yes! We'll be introducing delicious momos (Himalayan Dumplings), Stir fry udon noodles and Lemongrass beef Skewers at the Washington County Fair 🙌🏻💦
From 10 AM to 11 PM this Thursday (7/27) through Sunday (7/30) ❤️

I'm a bit scared of cats but this lil kitty's visit to our house today may have given me a change of heart 😍❤️

Our lovely first customers before the lines went crazy long y'day and we sold out of everything again ❤️
See you at the Washington County Fair (Thurs to Sun) this week 😋

Non stop lines for the past few hours. So incredibly grateful that folks are being so patient- sold out of half the menu already!
Next pop up 7/27 (Thurs) to 7/30 (Sun) at Washington County Fair. See ya ❤️

Getting ready to meet all dumpling and food lovers today at the Beaverton Night Mkt ❤️ #madefromscratch #handmadeisbetter

Happy Friday all ❤️
📷🎁Free giveaway every hour starting 5PM at the Beaverton Night Market tomorrow (7/22) @cityofbeaverton .
While you stop by to enjoy some of our handmade Himalayan Dumplings (or chowmein or deep fried Tibetan meat pies), you could also win one of the following gifts we brought back from Nepal. .
#Handmade #pashmina #shawlsilk , #tibetan Design inspired necklace, #buddha Bag from #hemp cotton #mandala and #nepal tee shirts.

Like empanadas and pasties? Y'll love the savory Tibetan deep fried meat pies called Sha-Bhaley. I'll have chicken or beef fillings for you to try at Beaverton Night Market this Saturday 7/22 ❤️
📷The process of handmaking deep fried Sha-Bhaley. It's crunchy and slightly chewy on the outside, similar to Native American fried bread, but it's filled with seasoned ground meat on the inside marinated in blend of Himalayan spices😋

📷 Savory Curried Potato Dumplings (Vegan-Vegetarian friendly) served with freshly made tomato and cilantro based chili sauce 💦
My love for aloo dum (Curried potatos) and momos (Himalayan Dumplings); like most of us from the Himalayan countries of Tibet, Nepal and north eastern regions of India gave birth to this delicious and savory Curried Potato Dumplings creation ❤️
Taste the Himalayas at the Beaverton Night Market this Saturday from 5PM to 10 PM. Look for the booth with Tibetan prayer flags.

Momos aka Himalayan Dumplings| One of the most popular food in the Himalayan countries of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India 💦
Now you can try them at the Beaverton Night Market this Saturday 7/22. .
#eatglobalsupportlocal #madefromscratch

What would you like to try? 🤔
Juicy Beef & chives Himalayan Dumplings, Savory Curried potato Himalayan Dumplings, Deep Fried Chicken and Beef Tibetan Meat Pies, Veg and Chicken chowmein 💦 .
So excited to bring the authentic taste of Himalayas to my neighborhood Beaverton ❤️
Tag your favorite #dumplings to a night of great food and entertainment at the popular Beaverton Night Market on 7/22. .
#madefromscratch #himalayas #eatglobalsupportlocal

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