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Himalayan Dumplings & More  Tibetan immigrant in 🇺🇸 sharing the little known world of Himalayan Dumplings & more. Next (& only Spring) pop up 4/20 & 4/21 @ Portland Night Market.

Happy Friday! If you don’t have any plans this evening , stop by @portlandnightmarket (4PM to 11 PM) for good food, music, booze, lots of cool local products and good vibes 💚 #pdxnow #dumplings #madefromscratch #supportlocal

I have decided to do one and only one pop up this Spring season and it’s this Friday and Saturday @portlandnightmarket .
I will have both meat and #vegan Himalayan dumpling options with spicy cilantro dipping sauce and aloo dum (mildly spicy curried potato that’s a popular street food in Nepal and enjoyed as a “snack” by both adults and kids alike).
To preserve the cultural traditions, we handmake everything from scratch- all the way from 🥟 wrapper to the spicy cilantro dipping sauce 🔥 .
If you have #foodallergies , my momos are free from most of the key food allergens (dairy, egg, soy, shellfish, nuts, seafood).

As an Himalayan immigrant, my food pop ups are an ode to both the homeland I’ve left behind and to my new home, #oregon 💚
Please stop by and get a taste of the #himalayas . I’ll be in the white tent with colorful #tibetan prayer flags💚

📸 #saturdaydinner ready to be eaten with 🍚.
If you grew up in any of the Himalayan countries, you’ve probably eaten this vegetable a lot growing up. The smell of it cooking immediately transports me back home 💚
But finding mustard greens at a grocery store is like finding money coz it’s so darn hard to find this veggie in #oregon . So you can imagine how excited I was to find this veggie today when I wasn’t even looking. Ready to eat with my hands..if only the rice would hurry up already (I forgot to push “cook)” 😂 #himalayandiaries #foodstory #homecook #nostalgia

See you soon #portlandoregon 💚
📸It’s handmade from scratch that’s why no two of my momos (aka Himalayan 🥟) will look identical. But where I may lack in visual uniformity that is upheld with professional food presentations and displays , I make up for it with the utmost love, care and quality ingredients that goes into handmaking from scratch every single juicy dumpling -all the way from the wrapper to the spicy cilantro dipping sauces - handmade the traditional way 💚

I’m so honored to be one of the presenters at @tender.table event next month in #portland and hope to have the pleasure of meeting some of you in person. Please tag someone that would be interested in this small but intimate event❤️
If you have followed my journey for a while , y’ll know that I’m a working mom, who does food pop ups seasonally at night markets and festivals to build cultural bridges through traditionally prepared Himalayan food. .
At the event, I’ll be speaking about my WHY and how it’s helped me find my own identity as an immigrant mom. Y’ll of course get to taste the food as well ❤️ #very #smallbusiness 🤗 #iamtibetan @tibetanfeministcollective @apanonews

“Whether one believes in a religion or not and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion” —- HH the 14th Dalai Lama💚 #bekind #youneverknow 📸from my evening walks taken with #iphone

Creating food from memories of laughter, love, aromas, hardships and also traditions taught by some family long gone. Cooking and sharing my cultural food in my new community is bigger than me ❤️
📸Toasted Momo bottoms drenched in (mildly) spicy bamboo chili oil #madefromscratch #handmadefood #foodstory #oregon #chilioil #beavertoneats #eatdumplings

📸Savory veggie mix momos marinated in just the perfect balance of Himalayan spices and seasonings. Dipping sauces are spicy cilantro sauce and roasted chili pepper sauce #everything #madefromscratch #handmade 💚
This will be the second vegan/vegetarian Momo option for my upcoming food pop ups (the other being the curried potato). As an omnivore, I’ve never been big on vegetarian momos in general so it was important to me that the selection of veggies and it’s textures along with the marinade can be enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegetarians alike ☺️#tgif #homemadefood #foodstory #culture

Would you try it? 🤔
Roasted red chili soaked and ready to be made into an extra spicy dipping sauce option for my momos 🥟 🔥 #madefromscratch #himalayan #dumplings #momos #popup

Here’s a #piday post- Tibetan version 😋 Terrible lighting (couldn’t catch the daylight 😒) but any guesses on the new Momo filling I’m testing? #himalayandumplings #tibetan #deepfriedpie

I wish I had some taste testers today 😩
Recipe testing another iconic Himalayan street food for upcoming food pop ups | Chili Momos (its deep fried Himalayan 🥟 lightly tossed in a tart Szechuan sauce with bell peppers and onions. #popupshop #himalayan #dumplings #madefromscratch #pdx #dinner #sundaydinner

Freedom lies in being bold 💚
Swipe ⬅️ from rally to food refuel #march10 #onthisday #himalayandiaries #tibet #culture #momos #dumplings #maker #saturday #iamtibetan

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