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  •duct tape making for a year now • duct tape🐥 🐳•oh whale•🐳 • $15 under💰 •we are driving Cadillacs in our dreams ✨

Sorry we haven't posted lately. I can't believe it's been 3 weeks. We will definitely be posting more :) thanks 😘❤

•bookmarks ❤️
• $1.50 ✌️
• not the only designs we can do 😊

Check back at our past posts for more information 😊 We also like ideas so comment below if you have any suggestions 😘💕🎀

•EOS holder 💕
•pick 1-2 colors • heart ❤️ if you want 😊 •it doesn't come with EOS but if we have our contest next month, it might come with 😘
• $2.50
Btw- sorry we haven't been posting in a while but that's gunna change! 😄

•index card holder •Velcro flap (I need to get more Velcro)
•pick one or two colors •$7.00
Thanks !😋😘

• Bow ring! 🎀💕
• $1.00 • please pick ✌️ colors

School duct tape uses-
Folder- $12
Pencil/crayon/marker&ect organizer- $6 small/ wider and longer $8
Flower pen- $4
•Locker organizer
•Book covers
•Binder organizer
•magic wallet •index holder
Any ideas? Comment below !

Feather acc/em $2.75
duct tape; 3 colors
Flower acc/em $2.50
duct tape; 2-3 colors
Arrow bow acc/em $2.00
duct tape; 2 colors

What a beautiful rainy day in Lahaina👌 • • •

Coin pouches/money-
Woven pouches- $4.00
Rectangle/flat pouch- $4.50
Square/poof pouch- $4.50
Normal coin pouch/plain- $3.00

Seriously what do u have against her... -.- she's been through a lot and she doesn't need more. I blocked & report, please block and reply this account for being such a pain in the 🍑ss...

Your bows are pending for now, because we are still getting those alligator clips on !
Please be patient ! Most of the things will be delivered by @_sherlinx3 ! Thanks to her ❤️ The following people who have RECIEVED bows...
@_itssmae !
1 person is pending on a bow ! Nicole dela Cruz! Still waiting for her to accept my request to accept her free bow ! 🌺MAHALO🌺

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