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I hope they’ll always know how much they light up my life. I hope they’ll always know that they are enough just as they are. I hope that they will always know that I am positively crazy about them.

the cutest ornery face there ever was.

twenty-seven weeks.

my GOSH. 😍😍😍

oh hey, sunshine. ☀️

this year marks 15 years that Jimmy and I have been together (the age factor here is another issue 😳 #old). Before we got married, I used to imagine having a family with him, and picturing him as a dad made me weak in the knees. I always pictured a little boy that looked just like Jimmy. ❤️❤️ I never could have properly imagined how beautiful our kids are, how unbelievable he is as a dad, the life we have built together, and how much more I would fall in love with him over the years.

twenty-six weeks.

happy half birthday, little love. Six months of pure bliss with you. ❤️ You are rolling and scooting and grabbing whatever you can get your sweet little dimpled hands on. It’s hard to believe we only met you six months ago - you have brought us an unbelievable amount of joy and love in that time. I’ve mostly been a wreck all week, knowing that today was coming. Time seems to gather more speed with each passing day. It’s bittersweet to move through the moments and stages with you; so sad to watch them go, but blessed to watch you grow. I know every stage will bring new joy and a lot of fun. We love you like crazy, little bird. ❤️❤️

he’s a reminder to look at the little things - we are in the midst of the WHY phase and his little mind is soaking in the mechanics of the world around him. He pushes me outside of my comfortable mom box and I love that about him. May you stay curious and always love as big as you do at 3.5. 💙

twenty-five weeks.


the last few nights at bedtime, I have just stared at this sweet, sleeping face wondering how on earth he is days away from being six months old. I’ve looked through tear-blurred eyes at belly pictures and pictures of his teeny tiny newborn days. Time stood still for just a brief moment in those days - pure HEAVEN. What I wouldn’t give to go back, just for a day. This boy can light up a room, and boy has he lit our hearts on fire! So honored to watch him grow, to love him so much it hurts. But I wouldn’t be mad if time slowed down just a little bit.

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