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Hillsong United  WONDER IN THE WILD


getting a closer look at the wonder vinyl

We know in life there are seasons - and that sometimes Christmas means many different things to people.
This song is Seasons from @HillsongWorship Christmas album - The Peace Project.
Regardless of the season you may be in, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and our prayer for you is that it is a time of joy and peace.


Our hearts are heavy today with the news of the passing of Bill Hearn. Bill was always a believer in us, a great encourager, a champion of all our crazy ideas - but most importantly he was our friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with all at Capitol CMG especially those in this photo who have become family.

“This is mine and Dylan's casual look away pose. hanging out with scotty before the WITW night at the Roxy in LA” - @mattycrocker #w🌏nder #wonderinthewild

“When the beat is strong” - @dylanthomas #mood #stankface #w🌏nder

“Trying to live my best life and make the most of every moment. This is a snap shot of my part time modelling career whilst waiting to be apart of a church service in Folsom. . . I believe it’s called living ready”
- @tayasmith
#donttakeyourselftooseriously #nowyoureallyknowthattayawrotethis #haha #yesijustreferredtomyselfinthirdperson #breakfree #greatsong ;) #w🌏nder

“BALI!!! doing what we love could never feel like work in this place” - @mattycrocker #w🌏nder

“We set up in a giant house in Bali, found some really big KRKs and started recording... the room felt like a dance club, it was a vey fun vibe. so fun I didn't think about the sun beaming down on me all day, let’s say I got very tanned. Sunsets were always the best time of day!”
- @mgchislett #w🌏nder

“modular Synths all stacked up patched together in chaos, while we record our latest album”
- @benjamin_tennikoff #w🌏nder


I was lost in a moment
A glimmer in time
Like a child chasing shadows
My back to the light
I was lost in a fog till
You caught my eye
Through the smoke and the mirrors
A glimmer of life

I know there's a place I belong
Where I'll see the fullness of love
A child face to face with my God
Lost in Your awesome wonder
While I wait I will not be afraid
My faith will remain all the same
My hope in the things not yet seen
Found in the greatest of these

I found love in a moment
Exploding in light
At the cross where the curtains
Were ripped from my eyes
I found heaven in pieces
In glimmer and dust
Broken glass in reflection
Till we shine like the sun

I know that You love me
I know that You love me
Your love never fails
Your love never fails
When all's said and done
All that matters is love
So let love take over
Not just in part
But in all that You are
Let Your love take over

Words and Music by Joel Houston,
Dylan Thomas, Aodhan King
& Benjamin Hastings

not that it’s ever about awards, but we’re thankful and humbled as always to win anything. Of Dirt and Grace was one of those projects that maybe impacted us the most - it was our first time in Israel and to walk where Jesus walked and to record outside in fields, in ruins, on top of mountains and the lowest place on earth was surreal - thank you again to those who voted and the @gospelmusicassoc check out the long form video on our YouTube channel (link in bio)

“This is a candid shot of everyone in business mode; Chissy and Tenni looking intently at Joely, Grant comping, Dyls looking intently at instagram and me looking intently at those licorice bullets 🤦🏼‍♀️ haha” @tayasmith #w🌏nder

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