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😓#Repost @dopequeenpheebs
Please, please, please spread the word about #MissingDCGirls . Rumors such as sex trafficking are swirling all over the place about the 34 and counting missing black and Latinx girls and there is literally no major and extensive news coverage. And we know there would be if there was even one missing white girl. We need answers. We need to find these girls and bring them home safely. Lawmakers are currently contacting the FBI to investigate, which is a step in the right direction. If you're feeling helpless like me, I did some internet sleuthing and found the Black and Missing Foundation, which was created in part because when people of color are missing, there's less media coverage, less likely to be the subject of an amber alert, etc. We can donate to the foundation to help them keep fighting the good fight. Love you. Mean it.

Nina Simone version of "here comes the sun" is my spring anthem.

LYLAS~2002, bus stop on the last day of our first year of high school. Purity ring, hemp necklace, shaved eyebrows and self-doubt to the max! 🎉💋👯❤️ Der always had the best clothes and best advice... thanks for being my cool older sis and showing me your Giga Pets on day one 🎀30, here we come!!

Can I just work from home (bed) today??

Here's a fun reminder from 1980/present day that being poor is your own fault and probably makes you a criminal💫 At least it's priced well under market value! #itmfa #estatesale #taxtherich

🛑Tomorrow I'll be wearing red in solidarity and abstaining from social media/spending money...I'm proud to work for a small, local business, and very fortunate that my boss is a feminist. This doesn't mean I get through even a single workday without experiencing misogyny, it just means it happens far less than other women who experience it more frequently/differently from me. I strike for them. Especially those in the service industry. We are expected to do the emotional labor of hosting, mothering, listening while cautiously not being "too emotion." We are expected to do the physical labor while being belittled and questioned of our strength. We are to have new ideas and give feedback while being questioned, discredited or ignored. Women have endured so much harassment and gas lighting to get paid for our labor in the first place. It's still going on, let's keep going ⬆️ #yesallwomen #equalpayforequalwork #repost @womensmarch
interview with #WomensMarch national co-chair @tamikadmallory.#MoveOn #DayWithoutAWoman #IStrikeFor

Found this on my hard drive from 2007ish, undoubtedly saved for B. Thinking of him✨The Pete to my Liz a la season 1 of 30 Rock. Bless his life.

#Repost because those using "State's Rights" as an argument for taking away Civil Rights is thin as fuck. The only time these dudes recycle is when it's using the same old ass ideas to keep marginalized groups down. If you don't remember the lies that were spread about the queer community in the seventies, ask your parents. ・・・
@NYAAfund via @goldnosering #titleix #ITMFA

Pandora ads and Snapchat filters won't win you the next election @senrobportman! We see you! No Town Hall, so here are the folks holding it down for affordable healthcare in front of his office. Thanks so much to @repbeatty for your strength and your willingness to keep a movement going. #RESIST #IStandWithPP #ResistTuesday #aca #protectourcare

I just want to know if Sleeping on silk will be good for my hair🕵️‍♀️ Also gonna go ahead and text this to my therapist.

We had ice cream in the sunshine 💛🤷‍♀️

Happy Caturday! I made myself breakfast in bed, but I think round two should be BAGELS!! #selfcare #caturday

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