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Corridor to home 💜💕💜

Me and Lou Lou niecey from Sunday funday 💛

OHIO PPL CALL @senrobportman at (614)469-6774 & state your name and address 🤒 then state your views on the v secretive, rushed and bigoted healthcare bill Portman helped craft & NO to #trumpcare -- Columbus office (614)469-6774, TOLEDO office (419)259-3895 DC office 1(800)205-6446 it took nearly 20 rings to get an answer yesterday and I've definitely heard vmail is full occasionally, so keep calling...EMAIL also works just as well I hear! #Repost @kamalaharris
These past few weeks have stressed to me how important it is that we continue to make our voices heard. We face a proposed budget from the administration that will dramatically harm services for women, children, and families. We face a bill that would take away health coverage for 23 million Americans. We face an administration that wants to undo the progress we’ve made on combating climate change. In the wise words of the great Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” And if you’re not in the room, speak louder — shout if you have to — to be heard by the people in those rooms. Because everyone benefits when you are heard.

Some of my favorites from today's pride parade 🌈 it takes courage to grow up & be who you really are

DONATE ANY AMOUNT🔥 Police brutality will not be tolerated! Mace was used on peaceful protestors! #Repost @yeswecancbus
UPDATE: Link to donate to bail fund in bio ✊🏿#prideispolitical #NoJusticeNoPride #Repost @simulacrumbles ・・・
Please call and amplify here and twitter using #BlackPride4 . #organizeCBUS #NoJusticeNoPride #Pride2017 #FireChiefJacobs

MN goddamn. #Repost @amandaseales
❤️💪🏽 to Philando Castile's mother who spoke nothing but truths in the wake of a (nutass) non-guilty verdict to his murderer. She pointed out, literally, that Black Americans and any white People with Biracial children are all subject to this unjust system. Her pain is palpable. Her message factual. #philandocastile #blacklivesmatter (still had her nails done tho. Yes, Queen. 👑💅🏾)

TELL HIM YOU AND YOUR REPUBLICAN FRIENDS WILL CAMPAIGN AGAINST HIM. You could also try crying. I accidentally tried both💪
4.he canNOT be reelected. #Repost @ppaohio
Senator Rob Portman is 1 of 13 men in Washington deciding the fate of health care for millions behind closed doors.
1. Contact Sen Portman’s local office
2. Advise him you are a constituent
3. Request to #ShowUsTheBill

#Repost @sarahsophief
We have to talk about masculinity, how we raise boys, violence against women, mass shootings....Domestic violence is a major predictor of public violence.

Unsurprisingly, today's shooter in Virginia has a history of domestic violence.
Melissa Jeltsen sums it up: " In the past few years, many of the men who have committed heinous, unthinkable acts of violence against the public have had a history of abusing the women in their lives. Prior to unleashing their deranged violence onto the world, it appears they practiced it against the most vulnerable and accessible targets ― those living inside their homes." “We raise our boys with an acceptance that violence will be part of their behaviors (’boys will be boys’), while teaching them to repress all feelings except for anger (’boys don’t cry’), in a society which objectifies girls and women,” she explained. “While problematic in and of itself (’patriarchy hurts men too’), we see that abusers overwhelming come from abusive background, and thus only replicate patterns they have learned during their childhoods, patterns which, while criminal, are ultimately reinforced in a number of ways in a masculine culture of violence.” - Melissa Jeltson @huffpost #stayhuman #daringdiscussions #resist

#REPOST @feministflagcorps THANKS Y'ALL FOR SHOWING UP. This is not a drill. These restrictive bills are a tactic to chip away at our right to bodily autonomy and healthcare from a state level. We see through this shit! Can we start politicizing sperm yet?? ・・・
Two old white men standing in a sea of women trying to legislate our bodies. #OHHandmaids #stopSB145 #ohio

✔️ cuddle quota

HBD to my Judy 🌈 her live tv performances are my fav. She was hilarious, messy and so in love with music & fellow entertainers. Check out her duets with Diahann Carroll, Barbara Streisand and Liza! 💕 Someone let me know, but I *think she could've been the first woman to host a variety show? Pre-dates Carol Burnett who also rules #comeoutcomeoutwhereveryouare #womenintelevision #judygarland #diahanncarroll

If reading news articles gets you down, just check out the oddities for some great content *high five*

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