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You probs don’t care about coffee competition news (it’s rare that i do tbh), but this is huge...When you have influence, use it for good! So glad to see this from @sprudge 👏👏👏👏#yesequal

The people united, will never be defeated! Thanks to all who voted yesterday, we let the city know we’re not going away, that we’re going to hold leadership to a higher standard! Check out the wins in MN, NJ, VA, NC, and NY. Still hopeful. Still on alert. 2018, get ready !!

Out here for #yeswecancolumbus candidates!!! Go vote, y’all! I know it’s cold but this is what we got, VOTE Jasmine Ayers & Will Petrik for City Council🌟Erin Upchurch, Amy Harkins, Abby Vaile for School Board #asseenincolumbus #itmfa #vote #Gotv #columbus #yeswecan

“Read...educate yourself on who you’re putting in office, because it’s crucial out here...” Adrienne Hood 9/2/17 #yeswecancolumbus #asseenincolumbus #vote #ohio

TUESDAY, vote out toxic masculinity in our City!! #yeswecancolumbus has the lineup: Jasmine Ayers & Will Petrik for City Council🔋Erin Upchurch, Amy Harkins, Abby Vaile for School Board✔️ ps- this video is thanks to Britney, whiskey, and the downtown hilton

VOTETUESDAY🔶 VOTETUESDAY🔶 VOTETUESDAY🔶 Jasmine Ayers & Will Petrik for City Council🔸Erin Upchurch, Amy Harkins, Abby Vaile for School Board🔸

Selena moooooood! 🌹Selena day!

My not so cowardly lion. Just hit 8 years as his cat-mom...and forcing him to love Halloween 🎃

"You'll change your mind, you'll want kids one day" ...ooookay mind is changed by this little zombie/demon/cutie, how do I get one??

This is less about Weinstein, more about how men are trash. Honestly. Cloak up as much as you want, I see you. Listening to women is a start, but do you believe them? Do you think about the harassment? The violence? The trauma? or do you start defending their abuser's charisma/art/family/success?? I don't care if you can't imagine your friend as a predator, or if you used to work together or if he fixed your car window that one time, or if he respected your sister. Speak up! Women too, we gotta yell for those who are systematically silenced. 3 women are killed EACH day by former or current male partners in the US. We've already passed the trans murder rate in all of 2016. CONDEMN ALL ACTS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST ALL WOMEN!! Have a great weekend!🌞

Me trying to vanquish known abusers and distance myself from those who defend them🦇

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