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Hillary Bradfield  Disney Animation Story Apprentice, Trekker, friend to all kittens

She likes it!!!...no wait...no, she hates it. :( #everyonesacritic

My fanart of Maleficent for the WIA auction at Disney Animation! She is one of my all time favorite Disney villains. Bid on her if you are going to be at the auction, or my cat gets to keep her! :)

We had Dia de los Muertos drawing at work today! Huge shout out to our amazing models and costume designer @lorettavampz

Summis desiderantes affectibus was decreed by Pope Innocent IIIV in 1484. It pretty much reitorated what Kramer had said in Malleus Malificarum, but as a papal bull (a sort of decree), it gave permission for inquisitors to "correct" witchcraft by means of torture or death. #inktober

I thought I was done drawing witch trials, but im really not (still a bit obsessed). I may not get to it every day this month, but I'll do a few! ☠️🎃 #inktober "Malleus Maleficarum" was also known as "The Hammer of Witches." It was written by Heinrich Kramer after his expulsion from the Catholic clergy. This book elevated the crime of witchcraft to the level of heresy. It condoned the torture and execution to eliminate witchcraft. This book was published roughly 200 years before the Salem Witch trials took place.

My Grandfather (or as I knew him, Boompa) passed away last week. He was a chemistry professor, voracious reader, classic movie fan, and he loved feeding the dog at the table. I'll always remember his go to chemistry lecture, in which he described how everything in the world is made of dirt and grease. Vanilla pipe smoke will always remind me of Boompa

Some gestures from yesterday!

We did watercolor gestures in Randy's class last week! It was super fun:) makes ya feel real artsy playing with color and shape like this :)

Professor has no time for kisses #nokissing

Fanart of the cool crow that lives outside my apartment and sings sweet morning songs of bread! #crows #birds

Color experiments at the cafe!

We drew a wolf at work today! He was so majestic and squirmy (until he needed a nap, then he was pretty still :) #animaldrawing

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