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Hilary Clark Jesudoss 📍Chicago  📌My Two-Cents to loving what's on your plate Hileats@gmail.com


📌Weird, sangria still tastes perfect even when it's raining (constantly 🙄🍷)
Thanks @niarestaurant, @chicagogrammers and @mirrormirrorsalonchi!

📌Anybody else find it nearly impossible to turn off that weekend snacking switch on Mondays?! 😩 Beach season is upon us - gimme all your secrets for getting tight and right! 😝👙💪🏼

All twisted up in the Sunday Scaries after a weekend of food, fun and a 5k with my pup! What's the best thing you ate this weekend?! 😋

📌Chef Scott did a good job of taming our wild crew so we could learn a few things at the amazing Chicago's Best Brunch cooking class today. Can't really move after consuming our hard-earned quiche, breakfast pizza, patatas bravas, chopped salad and crab cake benedict (oof that holandaise!). Thank you, @kvill86 ! 🤗

📌Something tells me not everyone is #blessed as I with a mom-in-law who whips up an Indian feast literally ANYTIME you want; so lucky for you there is Bombay Wraps, who will kinda do the same (well, during normal hours 🤓). It's a super solid, casual twist on Indian fare, and it's FAST. What's your fave fast-casual restaurant?! #fryday

📌 Reasons Kerryman is bae: They have a salad I actually like which makes me feel healthy while I simultaneously eat a giant pretzel, DOG FRIENDLY PATIO, and they hooked #chicagogrammers up with happy hour last night. I might just go back for lunch! #kerrymanandcg

📌On my walk home tonight I could hear Dexter speaking to me, and the message was clear - 💬You've worked hard mom, and so have I. The sun is out and the flowers are in bloom. Go get that cone...you know the one, it's made of ice cream and it's dipped in peanut butter, and I shall bite the top off as soon as you walk through this door" #whatmypuppywantsmypuppygets #itwasntme

📌When you can't "get back on track" Monday cuz dad packed you the ultimate box of homemade leftovers including but not limited to pulled pork, jambalaya and clam chowda 🤷🏼‍♀️ P.S. Do you guys have a favorite BBQ sauce (or better yet, a good homemade one?!) I can't seem to find a favorite!

📌Getchu some friends who have bomb a$$ food at their baby showers even when they can't eat it. Congratulations to @kkovitvo and amazing job to the hosts! Now brb I need to eat all this.

📌Donuts, I like you, a lot, but I must confess that a savory breakfast is my one true love. That's why Do-Rite is my jam. You get BOTH. Their Erie shop serves breakfast sammies, chicken sammies, and FRENCH FRIES EVEN IN THE MORNINGS. They deliver too 🤳🏻Try the Vera Cruz, then the chocolate old fashion, then thank me later with a cocktail. Cheers to you, Mr. Friday.

📌Dang, the veggies at Honey's really dress to impress. Pick up yo honey and head here asap because not only is it a super sweet and inviting dinner spot; one of the best, most intimate hidden-gem cocktail bars is also waiting for you right upstairs. Cheers! 🥃

📌 Grumpy and hangry af after work? I feel you. Just click the precious sweetgreen app, order delicious bowl, walk in 5 minutes later, pick up delicious bowl chillin' comfortably on shelf, walk out, go home, kiss dog, drink wine because you have calories to spare and only spoke to humans if you felt like it.

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