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Hilary Walker  Seeker. Scavenger. Senior stylist at @magnolia. This is just the half of it.

Someday I will have a garden and it will be filled with rows and rows of glorious flowers! I promise.

I’ll tell you something honest... half the time, I have no clue if my ideas are going to work. Even after the fact, the jury’s usual out. But here’s the thing... Slowly, I’m learning to not care so much about that. Because I’d rather just go for it, regardless of whether or not I’m 100% sure it’ll be awesome. And when it’s inevitably not awesome? I’d just as soon take note and move on instead of brood and stew over where and how I missed the mark.
Food for thought... While I eat some food. Because I’m posting this on my lunch break and these are the things I think about.

Texas style lunch.

It’s Friday and I’m feelin’ the itch.

The “kids table”. I didn’t snag a photo when it was full but you should’ve seen all the squirmy, precious kiddos crowded around it. Each with the biggest, stickiest smile on their face!

Making the Saturday rounds.

“See over there a created splendor, made by one individual from things residual.”
Irish poet, Petra Cavanagh

My weekend is best summed up like this... I took a nap everyday. 🙈

Verdict is in. Our baby is turning into a boy!

More than a week later and I’m still thinking about Anthony Bourdain’s tragedy. I don’t have much personal experience with mental illness so my mind mostly goes to his work and how sad I am that he won’t be continuing it.
His work was, for so many reasons, a great inspiration to me. I admired his honesty and empathetic truth telling. His graciousness towards strangers and hunger for new perspectives. In the farthest stretches of my dreams, I take cues from his perspective and will continue to do so.
Your presence isn’t gone, Anthony.

He actually prefers when they don’t match. Boy after my own heart! ♥️

Sitting at home, counting my blessings and thanking my lucky stars that today didn’t end up being worse than it did. We are beyond fortunate.

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