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Sometimes there are days where I see no one, not even the postman and it drives me a bit stir crazy. Around this house, in a remote area on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, there was nothing, for miles and miles. I wondered, where do the people who live here buy their food, what do they do for a job? Maybe they run an online business selling knitwear... 🤔😂

When you wake up at 5.30 and you can't stop thinking about new designs and old designs and have to get out of bed despite the fact it's freezing, there's a blizzard outside and the cat is dancing between your legs down flights of stairs asking for breakfast already. 〰 This was an exclusive colourway we did a few years back for @ifeelsmug #tide

So what is it then, snow or sun? Make your mind up April! 〰
Couldn't help but take a little detour on the way back from town today. It was a welcome reprieve from 2 days of lashing rain and wind so I had to make the most of it. 〰 Check out @Instagram Stories for more snow day pics!

This colour = current mood. Happy Friday everyone! Today was a mentally straining day, so much correspondence to catch up on...😵 〰 But it's the weekend now and it's time to get on with catching up on life, making cocktails and dancing in the kitchen and getting out and doing stuff! 〰 Weather dependent, I may end up on a ferry and cycling on Hoy... or snuggled up under one of these. It's a win/ win situation really!

We've been spring cleaning, organising and stock taking over the last few weeks. It's time to get organised for Autumn / Winter deliveries in the next few months (Always thinking about winter!) and to make space in the studio. 〰 We also have some really exciting samples we've been waiting for, which should arrive next week. We're really hoping they work, as it's something we haven't tried before so we're feeling quite nervous about the end result!

Today we've been writing up the last of our Iceland blog posts - the next of which will be published on the @Make_Works blog. 〰 In the mean time you can read our latest Iceland post by following the link in our profile. 〰 I've really fallen in love with Iceland and have become a little obsessed with the place so apologies for going on about it! Normal service will resume soon. 👍😉

The 2nd instalment of our Iceland blog is now up! >>> Find out about what we got up to at Design March, visits to coffee shops (purely educational I promise) and braving blizzards on the streets of Reykjavik.

It's almost Friday! But we have a lot of work still to do before we can enjoy the Easter weekend, especially as we were out of the studio today. 〰We were filming a piece with @emergents for Highland and Islands enterprise about running a creative business in a remote place. Talking in front of a camera is not something I am particularly good at so it really was quite mentally exhausting! But it's good to get practice at doing these kinds of things, the things that take you out of your comfort zone a little, wouldn't you agree?

Sorry we've been a little MIA of late. 〰 What with the post holiday blues and a lot of work to catch up on, designs to sign off and a studio Spring-clean in progress we've kinda neglected you Instagram. We did spend an awful lot of time last week writing up our Iceland blog posts (the next instalment due this weekend) so if you'd like to give it a read, hop on over to the blog to find out what we've been up to. 〰 Link in profile 〰

NEW BLOG POST >>> Finally! Our first Iceland instalment is over on the blog. Link in profile, hop on over!

It seems particularly relevant to post this image today. I was quite surprised to see this heart on the hillside in Hafnarfjörður on the Reykjanes Peninsula as I know there is a culture in Iceland of people respecting nature and wanting to leave it as untouched as possible. I can't seem to find any information about this, how the heart was created, or why, but apparently hearts started popping up in Iceland (heart shaped traffic lights etc) in response to the financial crash back in 2008 and a need for positive thinking. It's a good time for some positive thinking today.

Iceland has these amazing lighthouses dotted all around the coastline and I LOVE them SO MUCH! I really wanted to see an orange lighthouse, (like the one on the @amiinaband Lighthouse Project album cover). We drove on the volcanic gravel path, a very bumpy and quite disconcerting at times! Either side of the narrow road were miles and miles of lava fields and volcanic rock and covered in luminous moss. Too narrow for a 3 point turn, so turning back was not an option! Luckily the map we followed ~just about~ managed to get us there and back!

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