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Hilary Frank  Check out @hilaryfrankphotography Milwaukee, WI based. Thoughts are my own and do not reflect the people or companies I work for.

Pretty excited about this!
Thank you so much to Jeremy down at COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS for putting together this kit! I’m really looking forward to testing it out this weekend in Milwaukee Region SCCA - Solo!
#staycool #milwaukescca #scca #sccasolo

US and Canada from Belle Isle.

Lessons learned in Lincoln part 17:
Buy more rash guards, umbrellas are never enough.
@coolshirt_systems are amazing and I really need to pull the trigger on one. I almost feel like it’d be worth the weight to add to the CRX in the future. Edit: thanks to The wonderful people down at Coolshirt this will be happening sooner rather than later!
100* in a roofless car that is black = a stove top
Pulling a GTR out of the trailer is terrifying but watching Erik Strelnieks pull it in is more terrifying.
It is possible to cone out both days in the tour.
FMod is always trying to corrupt you.
On another note, I’m super happy for Erik winning SM in the GTR, as well as Jay Bullington hopping in a completely unfamiliar car and going out and winning FP! You taught me something valuable about dealing with nervous energy in competition I’ll be using it in the future. Jason Frank and I struggled a bit this event but we’ll be back to normal in short order. Tamra Lee Hunt andAndrew Krystinik you two are just a delight to run against! You’re always welcome to come play in FP. It was really cool we were able to make a class with Christopher Dirkschneider! Chris keep working on that build and you’ll have a great FP car yourself soon enough! You’re really fun to have in grid!

Also thanks to @tonyave and @screaminkleeman for some last minute mental coaching. It helped a ton!
#porsche #boxster #autox #scca #staycool #motorsports

Getting back into art. Here’s a sneaky peek.
#wyvern #art #lineart art
Thanks, @probably.ashley and @neocrypter for giving me the push I needed to get back into it.

Another beautiful sunset
#sunset #petoskey

Not the finish I had hoped for in Blytheville but I did manage second and it was a good race. Lost the lead by .030 right at the end. Came home with a @hoosiertire and things to learn for Lincoln. The @porsche Boxster was fun as always and I’m so glad Erik and Troy have me as their codriver. :) #porsche #boxster #scca #solo #racing

Oh. Hello.

#mythcon2018 off to a good start

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