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Hilarity For Charity  Movement led by Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller Rogen to inspire change & raise awareness of Alzheimer's among the millennial generation.

Did you know that every 3 seconds another person in the world develops dementia?? Since Alzheimer’s & other dementias rob people of their precious memories, we've created the HFC EVERY 3 SECONDS Challenge to #SaveOurMemories!
On Friday, September 21, World #Alzheimers Day, we nominate YOU to take the HFC EVERY 3 SECONDS CHALLENGE!! .
1. Pick a memory! Any memory at all!
2. Share it: write it out in a post, create a video of you retelling it, or share photos and/or videos.
3. Tag 3 friends & NOMINATE them to the challenge!
4. Be sure to use the hashtags #Every3Seconds and #SaveOurMemories & tag us!
5. Share this post and spread the word!
You can also acknowledge World Alzheimer’s Day by making a contribution to Hilarity for Charity today-- Your donation will support HFC's programming, including our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Relief Grant Program that provides exceptional in-home care relief to families contending with Alzheimer’s.

ATTENTION ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS...grad students too: HFC U, HFC's college program to #KickAlzInTheBallz, is kicking off TODAY & Seth Rogen made a video to tell y'all all about it!! CHECK👏🏼IT👏🏿OUT👏🏽Then head to the link in bio to learn more. To get signed up, email jojo@hilarityforcharity.org! The fundraising competition officially begins October 15th. #HFCU

Today, HFC staff participated in a (nor)WALK to end Alz in Norwalk, Connecticut. We were so excited to join our friends from the @alzassociation, including Connecticut chapter CEO, Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh, pictured here with HFC Executive Director, Bonnie Wattles. When it comes to the fight against #alzheimers, we gotta #kickalzintheballz together. Excuse the pun, but, we are #alzinthistogether 🧡💜Shoutout to everyone participating in a #walk2endalz #alzheimersawareness

#FactFriday: YES. @sethrogen can in fact tell you how to get @sesamestreet! Have a good weekend everybody.

Actually, YES, we are. We’re excited to tell you about our ONLINE Support Groups, which connect #Alzheimers caregivers who are navigating their way through this disease. They will operate in a variety of time zones to help fit the busy schedules of #caregivers. If you'd like to be a part of the program, head to the link in bio and fill out the form to indicate your interest and be sure to visit our website to learn more! An HFC representative will contact you when the program launches!! #AlzheimersCaregivers #AlzheimersSupport

Today we honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001.
May we never forget🇺🇸
#neverforget #september11 #dayofremembrance #alwaysremember

#Repost @tonyhawk! Thank you for letting us bear witness to your story. #kickalzintheballz ・・・
“I visited my mom today. She has 93 years of life behind her, but the last ten have been increasingly corrupted by #Alzheimers and dementia. She was a secretary at a high school when I was young, later becoming a business teacher at a local college and eventually earning her doctorate in business education. She used to type so much that whenever we had a quiet moment together (usually in front of the TV), she would hold my hand and I could feel her fingers pulsating with keyboard strokes. In other words, she was subconsciously dictating her thoughts and experiences through phantom keyboards in real-time. At first, it annoyed me to no end; fingertips were tapping away on me while I had to endure 60 Minutes (her choice, of course). She was strong, vivacious, quick-witted, edgy and ultra supportive in those days. When I see her now, she doesn’t recognize me. Sometimes there is a slight glimmer in her eye, sometimes she babbles incoherently, and sometimes she uncontrollably bursts into tears. Today we mostly sat in silence. I gave her updates on our family and fed her Coca Cola through a straw every few minutes (which she still loves, even through her catatonic condition). But then I noticed her fingers twitching. I’m not sure for how long; maybe they’d been moving the whole time and I wasn’t paying attention. As I watched, I was reminded of her habit of typing unconsciously throughout my life. And even though it may have only been her body [yet again] betraying her, it gave me comfort knowing that perhaps she is still in there somewhere typing away about her life, her experiences, her feelings, and our current conversation. Most of my visits end with a feeling of despair and impending finality, but today I left with a sense of hope. I like to think of my mom air-typing “fuck Alzheimer's” as I walked away. #endalz!”

For Rosh Hashanah, we’d like to wish everyone Shana Tova & a happy new year! Here’s to a new year of kicking Alz in the ballz #jamesfrancobarmitzvah

Yesterday was surreal. HFC Founders @laurenmillerrogen & @sethrogen surprised two of our grant recipients!

Here in West Covina, they are gearing up to personally inform caregiver Micaela that she has received our HFC Extended Relief Grant—25 hours of care a week to be used for 6 months & facilitated by our partner Home Instead Senior Care! We can’t wait to share the full footage with you in November—both National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month & National Family Caregivers Month!! Caregivers are unsung heroes!

#alzheimers #caregiving #caregivers #alzheimerscare #alzheimersawareness #alzheimerscaregiver

HFC has something big in store for you all today! We will be posting to our story throughout the day. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.

“happy labor day to everyone who puts their farts into their company every damn day!” -@broadcity #repost ・・・ Jokes aside, ENJOY your #laborday everyone!

#wisdomwednesday: “Did you ever wonder if the person in the reflection is real, and you're just a reflection of him?” #BillWaterson
We present to you the Atlas Mirror -- A @sethrogen x @BowerStudios collaboration curated by @_Sightunseen_ for the exhibition Field Studies and benefiting HFC. Earlier this month, this psychedelic mirror was sold & the proceeds went entirely to HFC to help #kickalzintheballz. To discover just how this flattened reflective beach ball came to be, head to the link in our bio & check out the @newyorker feature on the project!

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