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Hilah Johnson / Hilah Cooking  🎥 Video producer/Podcaster 🌶 Food blogger/Author 🏠Los Angeles/Austin www.HilahCooking.com Latest Post ⬇️


Save the world. Eat more beans! This simple and cheap beans and greens recipe was a staple of my vegetarian years. It’s as comforting as a bowl of chicken soup, but without the chicken. Also it costs like one dollar to feed four people. Link in profile! 🌱
#vegetarian #hilahcooking

IT’S REAL!! First cast reading today for our new project @texicalifilms @csharpe77 I am in 😍 with this cast!
Some of you might know (many of you might not) that Chris and I moved to LA in order to pursue more work exactly like this. Narrative works that we write together, comedy/horror – this project is basically all my favorite things mixed up into one. When Chris and I met, it was through sketch comedy videos that we made with friends for YouTube (there’s a few still online) which led to an indie film disaster which led us to making cooking videos for 7 years. I feel like we’ve come full circle 😊 and today really reinforced my faith in making art for art’s sake (and also the positive effects of roping a bunch of cool people into your art). Filming starts in two weeks! Follow @texicalifilms for behind-the-scenes pictures of #ghostquest 🎉🎉🎉

The boy had his first s’mores tonight, and his first fireplace fire. Both were a raging success 🔥
The house I grew up in from birth to 10 years old, was the house that my dad built with his actual, literal own two hands. The only heat we had was from the fireplace and a couple of space heaters, so I have many fond memories of fire. I hope that Chef Baby does, too. I should also mention that a couple of years after we moved out of that house the fireplace sparked a fire inside the walls and the entire roof burned off. So, like, be careful?
Anyway! How do you like your s’mores? I’ve always been a burner. My mom and brother used to spend 20 minutes gently roasting theirs at the very edge of the fire, while me and my dad would just light those mothers up. Guess who gets to eat the most s’mores when you do it my way 🙌

If you like Texas caviar, but always wish that it was a little spicier, try my spicy black eyed pea salad on New Year’s Day! You got to eat these so you don’t have terrible luck in 2018. That’s the rule. Don’t shoot the messenger. Please. Link in bio! 🥒🌶🥗 #goodluck #wheresthepeaemoji #blackeyedpeas

A mini-trampoline and a puzzle and a bunch of toy sea creatures but all he’s asking for is Nick & Sally dolls to go with his new book. Three hours later ...
#craftyourassoff #DrSeuss

Love a nice cocaine garnish on a cocktail 🤣

These are the babies me and my bff @laureljadehilton made and I love them so much (even if they’re not even babies anymore)
@ashhiltonjewellery @csharpe77

G-G-G-Giveaway! Win yourself a pair of these sharper-than-Edward-Scissorhands @Miyabi_usa scissors! I use these for cutting herbs, poppin’ tops, and they come in handy slicing open those hard plastic clamshells that encase every kids’ toy like a forcefield. To enter:
1. make sure you’re following both me @hilahcooking and @miyabi_usa
2. leave a comment or tag a friend! (US only, please)
I’ll pick a random comment to win on Friday. Happy cutting!
#giveaway #sponsored

Between me and Chef Baby, we’ve eaten like three loaves of this dill bread in the last two weeks. Swear to Jeeves this is the best sandwich bread I’ve ever made. Slices like a cinch, soft and light, stays fresh as hell for dayyyys. On the #hilahcooking home page now!
#breadmaking #freshashell

I made a caponata salad with a bunch of vegetables (roasted or grilled) and a lil balsamic action. Make it and eat it and feel the vitamins course through your plasma and straight into your brain. Link in bio!
#thanksgiving #eatyourvegetables

Eat yer pumpkin in a soup, and not in a pie. A little soup never killed anyone.
(I don’t know why she swallowed a pie. I guess she’ll die 🎶)
Search my site for pumpkin and find it! #thanksgiving #pumpkinsoup #notpie #hilahcooking

For y’all weird MFers who serve ham on Thanksgiving, these horseradish and dill mashed potatoes are the perfect side. Search my site for mashed potatoes and get this recipe plus buttloads more tips for making rad-ass tateronies! #hilahcooking #thanksgiving #horseradish4lyfe

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