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Hilah Johnson / Hilah Cooking  🎥 #Video 🌶 #Food ✏️ #Writer (JK, I write in blood not pencil) 🏠Los Angeles/Austin www.HilahCooking.com Latest Post ⬇️

Ropa Vieja! Who’s ready to eat some old clothes??? jk jk
I’ve been making this #vegan Jackfruit Ropa Vieja lately and technically it makes four servings but realistically, it serves only one person if that person is me 🤷‍♀️ New recipe on my homepage today! (Also lots of other new recipes there because I’ve been bad at ig lately.) Link in bio!

First, these salmon tacos with kale-apple slaw and creamy hawt sawce are on my homepage right now (link in bio!) 🌮

Second—and it feels weird to talk about feeling good while it seems like the world is collapsing around us—but I think I just finished my midlife crisis? which has been a year of feeling generally like a lame-ass (Was I early? I’m not even 40 yet!) But I’m happy to say that post-crisis midlife is a comparative self-confidence and creativity bonanza so far and I’m into it.

#tacos #confidence #intoit

Cool cool coconut milk, Thai basil, noodles and zoodles. Sounds like a Dr Seuss food but it ain’t. It’s a real, healthy food and you ought to make it in the dog days of summer which overflow with bounteous zucchini and too many meals consisting solely of chips and salsa and beer (at least in my house). Search my site @hilahcooking for zoodles and be amazed!!!
#veganfood #coconutmilk #vegetarianrecipes #paleofood #hilahcooking #zucchininoodles #sobanoodles

Who knows what these are? The lady at the farmers market told me they were called “numb cherries”. They do have a hard pit in the middle but otherwise don’t really seem that much like cherries. They’re a little bit tart and astringent. Soft texture. How do they grow? What are they related to? What the hell am I eating???🍒🍒🍒
EDIT TO ADD: by consensus, these are called pitanga or Brazilian cherry or Surinam cherry. They’re native to South America but grow all over in tropical climates. Now that I think about it, it is possible that the lady said Surinam cherry and I heard only the last syllable: numb cherry 😂🙌 thanks for all your help, Internet friends!

We were just trying to document the matching pinwheel and sunglasses but it kinda looks like I’m selling engagement rings

I totally don’t care about donuts, y’all. Here’s roasted spring fennel and baby bells instead 😮❤️ link in profile!
#eatyourvegetables #trynabehealthy #fennel #peppersarereallyafruit

Homemade peach ice cream to cool off your body or warm up your bedroom (assuming ice cream turns you on that way) 🍑

#homemadeicecream #peaches #linkinbio

If ever you think you’ve gotten a raw deal, just remember at least your mom isn’t making you eat a disgusting sandwich like this poor sap. #shitsandwich #justeatit

I made baba ganoush to keep on hand for #whole30 snackeroos and ate it all in one day and that’s why I never have snackeroos on hand 🙃Recipe on the #hilahcooking homepage now!
#eggplant #letsgetmarried #🍆 #🍋 #tahini

I got to spend an afternoon with the ferocious, wise, talented @kwrez a few weeks ago, and was gifted today with a folder of beautiful photos that she took of Chef Baby and me. Never mind the marker smudges all over his face, he’s a complicated artist 👩‍🎤

Ice cream! Get yer stupid-easy fancy homemade strawberry ice creeeeeam! It’s 🍓 season and you’d be remiss not to freeze them with sugar and cream. Search my site for strawberry!
#strawberries #letsgetmarried #homemadeicecream

Oh you sweet, sweet sopes, how I adore thee. New recipe on my site today! Vegetarian sopes with avocado, sautéed mushrooms, cotija cheese, and crispy fried ancho chile strips piled atop like so many savory sprinkles. #linkinbio 🥑🍄🌶🧀
#vegetarianrecipes #plantbased #almostvegan

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