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Hikka Ru  SG based ★彡Chinese cosplayer ★彡 ENG ☆彡 Cosplay 囧彡 @b_eccq Next con: EOY Dm/email me for collabs ☆*:.。. Turn on post notifications! .。.:*☆


Happy new year! Wishing everyone the best of times! If you guys miss seeing me post then follow @b_eccq I’m much more active there!
#vocaloid #vocaloidcosplay #kagaminerin #kagaminerincosplay #chinesecosplayer

So I tried to cross for the first time and cosfucked!! Majorly, my cos was so big I couldn’t even wear it OTL Sorry. Please give me advice
#crossplay #allenwalker #allenwalkercosplay #dgrayman #dgraymancosplay

Some bunny girl me 🐰💕 Do you want to see more of these kinda posts?
I’ve been so sick recently I don’t know what to do with myself, I’ve been having high fevers vomiting and having diarrhoea ,__, what should I dooo?
#bunniesofinstagram #bunnygirl #bunnysuit #playboybunny #blackrabbit #sexybunnygirl

#mei !!! I wanna cosplay more versions of this baby! But lately I’ve been so busy in school. I have a project due tmr wish me luck please ,__,
#overwatch #overwatchcosplay #meilingzhou #meicosplay

When I started cosplaying I saw a kagura cosplayer and decided I wanted to do this version, about a year later, I did ^^ what’s the first cosplay you’ve really wanted to do?

How’s your #2018 coming along? I’ve been so busy with assignments lately sorry for the lack of new content ;3;

🐰I feel like I’ve done a lot of bunnies🥕

Swipe swipe 👉🏻
Look who finally pulled her head out of assignments to do a test! Here’s Battle Bunny Riven! And thanks to @nick8538 for pushing me to do league cosplays

Judy! I’m so excited!! Tonight I have a few costumes coming over and I can’t wait to try them out! Loads of characters coming including someone from the land of the lustrous as well as doki doki literature club! if you guys can Guess comment down below! Meanwhile I gotta finish my paper tho 😖

Thanks for a wonderful year! 2017 really was a rollercoaster for me and saw most of my growth in cosplay, I started this account only last year with no followers and here I am a year later! Thanks for over a thousand followers and I look forward to another year with all of you! What are your New Years resolutions? I haven’t quite figured mine out yet

A little sinon this Christmas?

Cute chubby Wife is still one of my favourite cosplays! <3

Throwback to when my makeup needed help. I like my phone case tho 🙆🏻 who here still plays #overwatch

Magical girl dva ✨ finally some pictures from AFA! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make EOY this year so I'll see ya'll next year!

Hi guys! Some of you might have noticed that I've deleted my fashion, lingerie and anything related to my personal life from this account. I've decided to move them all instead to my personal account and focus this one on cosplay instead! So if you'd like to keep following my work then feel free to follow my personal account @b_eccq ! Thank you for following me all this while! Hopefully I can still create content that you all will enjoy!

Pinch myself for falling sick and feeling tired. Sorry I couldn't do Mei guys! But thanks to everyone who came by to say hi and looked for me anyways! I took so many pictures with you guys today and I'll have to upload them tomorrow!

Con crunch as I try to finish everything on time and finalised plans for AFA coming up soon! Thanks for voting! ✨

Presenting you with the last of the Judy spam! Fun fact: this costume is so tight it leaves marks when I take it off ,__, Judy hopps album coming up soon on my Facebook page

- Swipe swipe ->. More officer hopps as I go through a busy busy school week! I have (hopefully) a couple shoots coming up for ya'll but assignments come first so wish me luck XP

First of the Judy pictures! Judy used to be my most popular cosplay and it's honestly so nice finally having a shoot for her! I love this cos and I hope you do too. More coming up soon! More will eventually be up on my page and the links in my bio!
Big thanks to Nixon for being my photog!

"What's that pascal?" From that one time I tried to be a Disney princess! Sometimes it's so hard to cosplay characters that are a different race than yourself but I hope you all don't mind

Busy busy week can't wait for the weekends. Here's a China girl to pass the time

Fun as officer hopps on a boat today with children from CCF- cancer foundation Singapore, the cutie beside me is my photobombing Brother

Well that's the end of my gamestart spam and I'll see all of you guys at AFA! I do have a rough idea of what my plans will be, what are your plans tho? Who's going?

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