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Hikka Ru  Just a singaporean cosplayer with a taste of aesthetic things and fashion. Next convention: STGCC Twitter: @hikkacos


"There goes my GPA" - @viviantxh

Shopping for glasses that don't make me look nerdy

To stop the blonde from creeping up to my brain.

Some girls are made of sarcasm and wine and thats just fine.

First photo from last Saturday's shoot! I'm so excited about this set since I really fell in love with this dress, tho it's too fancy to actually wear anywhere @-@ assignments are killer recently and I'm burning myself out. I need a break ,_, help?
Photog: @zerartul

These pictures are so pretty, mn I just finished a cool shoot today so check out my Instagram story if you wanna see some sneaks! I can't believe that I started cosplaying just about a year ago! This community has been nothing but loving and fun and it's honestly helped me with my self confidence. So thanks guys!

Costested #kaori from #yourlieinapril ! I personally don't think I'm suited for her but i think I'm gonna retry it with a different wig because this wig was pre cut and I don't like the way it falls or the bangs ,_,

Smile! I've been busy lately but hopefully I'll find time to do more soon, I am working on some things for you guys between projects so stay tuned!
Photog: @followthyheart

Quick #ootd post today since life's been in a rush! Still I'm planning for a costest this coming week, either Kaori or star guardian jinx! Feel free to tell me what you guys wanna see first!

When futaba sakura is literally 707

Trying my luck because I'm infatuated with everything they have, @kokopie_shop is a sweat shop labour free brand selling unique designs that cater to a pretty cool aesthetic, I would love to promote their products because they're so darn cool check em out #kokonarapromoters

Messy > dressy
I'm still trying to find an excuse to dress nice in public

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