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Tuomas Tammisto  Democratically appointed representative of the worker's council of Hikipaja cycling bag industries.

Trying out new test saddle at work. It is stiff and springy enough, but I am not loving the profile. I have my diaper pants on, but it seems this saddle would be really uncomfortable without them. So far: it's ok, but I'm not loving it. Also getting the right angle and position is more tedious with thiis one.

#yksivaihde #buttissues #arsegram

Five hours of office duty, mostly doing an inventory of the tools, cleaning the workshop and truing a wheel. Now four hours of riding. #yksivaihde

Small victories, part cocks: new gloves to replace the worn out ones and nearly enough time to eat lunch, except here we go again. #yksivaihde #deliveryguy

Small victories: new wiring on front hub and lamp. Lights work properly again. #yksivaihde #workbike

On top of the Blazing Mountain, the home of Hikipaja. #yksivaihde

Fish breakfast with @tykosillanpaeae. #yksivaihde

Good sleep. Good night session oon the @fishtrap. Good raw fire. Good coffee. Good energy levels. Gonna be a good day.
This time though, we had a good catch, the weather is great and the sea is cold. #yksivaihde

The world famous Isnäs velodrome. #yksivaihde

Towards Isnäs, eastern Uusimaa. #yksivaihde

Late afternoon rando with @tykosillanpaeae. #yksivaihde

Not the velodrome, but the rowing stadium of the same series. Maybe built in the late 30s for the Olympics that happened only in 1952. Anyhoo, great weather and reasonably many orders to deliver in the time triaks held at the urbanodrome. #yksivaihde #deliveryguy

A forward post of bicycle communism established also in the bourgeoise Töölö. The value of the housing commodity will plummet, for sure, and the proletariat will cycle its way to power in the ensuing mayhem. #fillarikommunismi #tellinki #porvarinkyyneleet

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