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Tuomas Tammisto  Democratically appointed representative of the worker's council of Hikipaja cycling bag industries. Also: phd student in anthropology, courier.

Tools of the trade: the stick I use to clean my drivetrain, hubs and brakes from the packed snow.
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Welcome to HEL.
Oh man what a day: non-stop rain and slush that remained as thick porridge on the ground, but soaked all clothes within minutes. Freezing napalm.


Getting to spend Monday morning riding slowly through the Central Park. Second best job I've ever had. #couriers #TämäKePuEiPetäIkinä

Since July the 3rd, I have ridden 6666 km. During the same year as my matrilateral ancestral city of Vantaa turns 666 years. Coincidence? (Most likely yes.) #couriers #extraevil

Strange sensatuon: my feet are dry *and* warm. New cycling shoes and gaiters make work at least 666% easier.

First legos of the day delivered. The sky looks alright too.

No raw porridge, no good energy levels, but received a long lecture on dinosaurs from a four (?) year old yesterday, so probably gonna be a good day. #couriers

Mass Media Mountain and a roll back downtown.


Monday mornings: rush documents and easy chairs. Because, why not?


Life is good when the shortest route between deliveries is through the Central Park.


The very different faces of Helsinki on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday morning load.

#couriers #carryshitolympics


A customer gave me a protein shake yesterday, because I "look like I need one" (their words). Was some thick brownish stuff that tasted like the banana flavour in chikdren's antibiotics.

#fiilissekoprofiiliskin #couriers

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