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Tuomas Tammisto  Democratically appointed representative of the worker's council of Hikipaja cycling bag industries. Also: phd student in anthropology, courier.

Yesterday I reached a milestone. Since the 3rd of July I have ridden 6x666km.

Autumn holidays and it's so slow. But after two weeks of no-stop rain, the weather is great and I got a nice delivery from Ruoholahti to Kumpula.

#couriers #yourappliancesareinybag

Last teeth for today delivered, and time to go home. Slow day, but still 60 km of riding so far + commute back home.

#couriers #legoinfrastructure #yourlegosareinmybag

Rain's a coming.

Last Friday morning: end of first week at new job, operating on the limits of my carrying capacity in terms of volume. Afternoon deliveries were small, but with less time. Good balance all in all. Also: really good dispatching. #couriers

Today I was free from the slavery of Babylon and thus took to the nearby forests. Lots of mushrooms. Found a few places to be visited later, as the mushrooms were stilll growing.

Cold, but not too rainy, and thus perfect for bagged beer on the Linnanmäki cliffs. Loaded my bag with Rainbow 0.0 vol % and a soy burger. My body is ready.

Remembering Jimi Joonas Karttunen, a young man who told demonstrating nazis that he does't agree with them, and for which a nazi kicked him to death a year ago on this day.

#NoNazis #NoPasaran

Found this on my desk today! A colleague's and dear friend's dissertation.

Hikipaja XL in action.

After my food delivery shift, I had an office shift, which consisted of picking up a bagful of ceramic bowls and dropping them off at a restaurant as well as bringing or picking up tablets.
At no point did the bag feel too big.

#yksivaihde #couriers

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