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Tuomas Tammisto  Democratically appointed representative of the worker's council of Hikipaja cycling bag industries.

Skatta. Quick order from there to Sörnäinen via Kalasatama. Now maybe lunch.

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Day 7: Lunch break and last stop before Helsinki in Sipoo. Also: The Lucifer heat wave has reached Finland.
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Day 6: Matkoslampi-Repovesi-Kuusankoski-Kausala-Artjärvi (130 km). Rough start with steep hills and loose gravel for the first 50 km. After Kuusankoski much easier terrain and the last 30 km through the plains of East Uusimaa pure joy of riding. Staying at @tykosillanpaeae's mom's place in Artjärvi. Last night of the tour, tomorrow back to Helsinki.

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Olhava mountain, or at leastpretty hefty cliffs.No Red-throated loons thou.
Swimming break in the lake at the foot of the stone mountain.
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Harsh start. On loose gravel and hilly roads. 15 km down, entered the Repovesi national park.

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Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism

Or: Darkthrone album cover art.

Day 5 accomplished: Puumala-Hurisalo-Ristiina-Mäntyharju-Makkoslampi (Repovesi), 134-140 km (my speedometer and the GPS devices of co-riders give differing accounts). Quite hilly, but beautiful roads. Highlights stopping for a swim during the warm day.
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No Country for Old Grocery Stores. (Hurisalo South Savo)

Beautiful pine ridges and hilly roads.

#yksivaihde #TourDeSaimaa

Day 5: Hilly start with a steep climb of several kilometers. Coasting down broke my personal speed record at 72 km/h. Then had to brake, because tarmac turned into gravel in a tight curve.


Day 4 accomplished: Myllykoski, Ruokolahti-Lohilahti-Sulkava-Puumala. From South Karelia to South Savo. Light rains, very hilly terrain, 114 km.
Highlights riding the pine ridges of Sulkava. Tonight indoors utilizing affinal neteorks, namely at the place of a friend's brother's father-in-law in Puumala.

Hard places of Finland, an occasional series: Motel Muikkukukko toilet

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