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Today an administrative court in Estonia has rejected an appeal by civic association Eesti Metsa Abiks seeking the annulment of the administrative acts and national designated spatial plan concerning the construction of a planned €1 billion pulp mill for Est-For Invest OÜ.

How ironic. A country that’s so hell-bent on promoting paperless, e-government throughout the world, will allow the permanent destruction of the boreal forest’s southernmost part of the biome to sell paper to the Chinese.


Meenikunno bog, Estonia, early January. It was -26 °C (-15 °F) that day and my phone kept shutting down mere minutes after taking it out of my pocket. Even still, in the summer I miss the winter and in the winter I miss the summer 😊

The green, lush and tranquil Glen Lyon, hidden between the rugged hills.

The bed of the river Dochart broadens out at the same time as its gradient steepens. This results in the spectacular Falls of Dochart.

Foxglove (digitalis purpurea). There is a mystery and majesty surrounding this otherwise common plant, so often seen near ruined buildings or other signs of habitation where its purple bells hang like living laments. Perhaps the reason it was often taken overseas by immigrants, as a memory of home.

The river Lyon runs through the magnificently green Gleann Lìomhann, the longest enclosed glen in Scotland. However, deforestation along the slopes of the glen in recent years is causing erratic flows that have resulted in a massive decline in salmon and trout populations.

These hazelnuts (orylus avellana) will likely end up where they belong, in the paws of a red squirrel or dormouse. Conservationists have managed to keep the invasive grey squirrel out of large parts of Glen Lyon.

Dochart Falls, Killin with a typically Scottish sky 👌🏼

Jääkärireppu in Scotland ⛰ #savottaview

The blue hour 🌕

The fallen will fertilize the young 🌱

Compared to my old tent the inner tent of my Kaitum 3 GT is like a cathedral. Sága really enjoys the extra sleeping space 😴#houndsofhilleberg

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