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ok hi so this acc is going to stay inactive but i doubt anyone cares so lol. Anyways ive decided not to delete bc im proud of these themes and i had a lot of fun making them and interacting with you guys on this account. Im still keeping this page up so if some of you guys wanna get some theme inspirations please do (: i had a great time in my like 5 years in the fandom and met some amazing and hella chill people along the way tysm for that ily guys :)

where do i begin ha...

throwback as heck to my favorite edit

u are all lovely

might bring back the vid edits yo

its better to kick ass than kiss ass 💅

last edit for this theme!
maybe even last edit for this page

do you ever just find that one song that just connects with you on a different level, and you just fall in love with every lyric and it makes you feel so leveled every time you hear it. and you just get selfish and want it all for yourself so you don't want anyone to find it but at the same time you want to share its masterpiece with everyone

if you remember @_ladyshady you are a tru fan

i want to take you through a wasteland i like to call my home. welcome to paradise


when you can't listen to a good song bc it reminds you of bad memories

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