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Yano™️  🔥DM to post your meme🔥 - 🤷‍♀️I don’t even know what I’m doing but that’s the whole point of this account🤷‍♀️ - Might just copy right the term ‘ yano’

Best game👻————————————————————
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Yes again😂——————————————————————
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I guess this is the corresponding meme the last one 😂😂Comment who you think wore it better😂——————————————————————
Credit ~ @sheevs_memes ‼️——————————————————————
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OH MY LORD comment who you think wore it better😂I think anyone would wear it better than Theresa😂 ——————————————————————
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This is why I stopped making my own memes , the quality is terrible but I had to do it while the idea was still fresh in my brain rip😂 ————————————————————
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Okay, this is so clever like HOW ARE YOU SO CREATIVE! 😨————————————————————
Credit ~ @_iamthesenate__ 😜 ————————————————————
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I have a good idea for this now oml 😂————————————————————
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Congratulations to @kevin_bushe13 for winning the caption contest!! 🤗 His teeth are so white wtf😂😂 Also congratulations for @starwarsvoiceandopinion for coming 2nd and @the_real_bj_jackson for coming 3rd! 😇 Thank you to everyone else who entered. Sorry this about 2 days late, I’ve been busy alot the past couple of days! 😩 ————————————————————
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Lmao! 😂————————————————————
Credit ~ @_meme_wars_ 😁————————————————————
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This is 100% accurate in so many ways 😂——————————————————————
Credit ~ Star Wars Sithposting A New Hope (where ever they are ) ——————————————————————
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I’m not sure why I’m laughing 😂——————————————
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This is pretty accurate! 😂————————————————————
Credit ~ @greysithkylo ✨————————————————————
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