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  Marcie 🌹 Mom to my bestie 💕 PSP Fitness Instructor 🏃🏼‍♀️ Fitness & Health Honours Grad 👩🏼‍🎓 Proud Military Vet🎖 Stage3 Breast Cancer Fighter🛡

🧡HOW is it that I am planning a double digit birthday party for my human I grew inside me? 10! What?!? Olivia, stop growing up so fast. Love, Mom🧡 (P.S Does it HAVE to be an "iPhone" or can a Barbie lip-gloss, flip phone still do?)

B⚘tch I'm just getting started.

Wake Up ♀️ Head Up ♀️ Warrior Up♀️ Repeat #fuckcancer #breastcancer #cancer #fightlikeagirl #warriorspirit #veteran #mom #fighter

We all take a fall from grace. Allow yourself to hurt but never stay down. Pick yourself up, beautiful warrior, throw your hands up, let the light shine on to you and fight. You CAN and you WILL. #fightlikeagirl #warriorspirit #womanpower #cancer #breastcancer #fuckcancer

🌸Recovering after a nightmare weekend where once again my family was at my side with the love and support that keeps me strong and hopeful.🌸💗 My boyfriend proved that real men show love to their ladies through actions, not only words.💗I was overcome with severe abdominal pain in the middle of the night. I was so scared and thought the worst, the chemotherapy was killing me. The pain was worse than childbirth. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with Tony right behind, my rock. (The paramedics and medical staff were so impressed by his textbook 911 reporting and relaying of vital information. Army TCCC training for the win). Unrelated to my cancer/treatments and prior hysterectomy, a CT scan revealed an ovarian torsion. A rarerety where the ovary twists preventing blood flow. OF COURSE I get an extremely rare, fluke, gongshow diagnosis while recovering from round three chemo (Hahaha?? Excuse me, what??). The risks of surgery were grave due to my very low red and white blood cell count due to chemotherapy but if left untreated the ovary would die and cause life threatening infection. I had a successful surgery Friday night where both ovaries were removed. My family and boyfriend are my heroes. They have time and time again dropped everything to be at my side while caring for Olivia and shielding her from the struggles her Mom faces. I am forever grateful, lucky, happy and remain hopeful. 💌Dear life ~ you bring me so much joy yet test my resilience and strength over and over, when will you learn that when you come at me, I come out on top.💌 I win 💗Love wins💗 #whothefuckgetsatwistedovary #hecouldntgetmepregnantifhetried #comeatme #fuckcancer #baldisbeautiful

💌Dearest big hair & boobs. I miss you.💌 Cause brains and personality aren't really that important.🤦‍♀️ #selfiesarentforuglypeople #ifyoureoffendedyoureprobablyugly #imonlyuglytemporarily

🌿"Life is beautiful" is an understatement🌿 @rockyboot

Quotes are annoying. I don't like or post them but this one...this one gets a fuck yeah! Pet Peeve: Complaining Debbie Downer's who let first world bullshit ruin their day. Shut up. Dance, lift, run, sing, laugh, row a boat, eat a donut, cut a coupon, pet a puppy, have sex, read, jump into cold water, piggy-back your kid, scare somebody really good. There are 99 awesome things that trump your dilemma. Be happy. It's a choice.

Falling in love with Ontario again.
Make out sessions and sunsets.

"I got the eye of the tiger, the fire
Dancing through the fire
'Cause I am a champion,
And you're gonna hear me roar."

Toes in the sand, kisses by the sun and worries washed away with the waves. Today is a good day, for a good day. #beachbum

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