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#HigherSelfKnowledge  Sharing my insight into Life in my own Unique and Creative point of view of the YoUniverse.My Goal is to reach 2,000 Conscious souls to spread Wisdom

Do you see all the beautiful blessings around you? That breath that just happens to be there for you to take, the clothes you wear, the people around you, the city you live in, the planet you live on, all these beautiful blessings are always present, if only our attention is given to them :)❤️✌️

Humans can do incredible things with dedication and passion😊🙏

Goodmorning everyone! What we go through on a daily basis, in big part has to do with what we fill our days with, what things we so, what things we say, and what things we think, noone has ever had a bad day by being positive, optimistic, loving, caring, or enthusiastic! What will you do with your 24 hours of life today? :) i send you much love , peace amd light❤️🙏😊✌️ #peace #love #god #positive #happy #life #goodday #lawofattraction #yoga #books #energy #angels #blessings #action #divine #goodvibes

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As i'm thinking what to write about
A million thoughts keep flowing in
and out
My soul expressing love in time of doubt
Taking a leap of faith by opening my mouth
I have an understanding of life that's so profound
I want to share what i know while i'm still around
Putting out my sound in the world for it to be found
I see so many people walking with spirits down
No happy faces just frowns all over town
My advice to you is to just focus on the now
Anything that isn't love please try not to bring out
Not the past nor the future can ever truly hurt you
As a soul by virtue you'll come around full circle
Work through the fiery pain,and i promise it won't hurt you
Circumstances in life are really meant to nurture

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You have to be tired of combatting your mind, and know that the war is for eternity, one day you must realize the soul is way stronger than the mind is, but as long as you feed your mind with all you energy, it will torment your soul controling you and freezing you with fear, don't avoid fear, if it comes up, look at it, remember that you are Energy created from the same thing as everything else, realize you are everything and everything is you, and as long as you consciously choose to not hurt yourself, nothing will ever hurt you, you have the power to choose your thoughts, and how much energy you focus on thoughts, know you are source(god). Everything is energy, and your mind is a conductor.

The bridge between science and spirituality is the key for Humanity's Elevation.

12 easy steps to happiness😊🙏

Knowing that the mind transmits energy outwardly into an Energetic Universe or Response to those Energy(vibes) giving you more of what you think about, God is all Loving and Does not judge, God gave us Free will, and with that power came with it the Free will to think(imagine) and pursue (create) The life of your dreams and thoughts, if you learn to work with your mind you will be able to create the life and attract all of what you will consciously be able to think about, imagine how many negative thoughts we consciously and subconsciously we are thinking and emanating from our brain? If we realize that our brain is programmed based on the habits and things we were taught as kids in our early years, we can than begin to start creating positive habits and ways of going about life that will make our life flow beautifully and divinely :).

Rp @meditationsoul keep affirming to yourself what you want for the day and focus solely and what you do want, not on what you don't want, the #LawOfAttraction is always working wether you know it or not, Lets focus on happiness 😊🙏

Believe you can overcome anything! And the Universe will Conspire to make your wildest dreams happen!!

We all have that desire to feel and Be Free, follow your heart and listen to your soul, for they will always guide you in that direction.

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