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Hannah Howlett  -70lbs🌱VEGAN DIET @diyhomesteadprojects ❤️ YouTUBE- High Carb Hannah 🍚 Recipe Books & Weight Loss Guide 👇🏼


Here’s the deal. YOU need to love yourself RIGHT NOW ❤️ why? Because it’s the only thing that matters.
Everyone is going to think something different about you. People tell me everyday that I’m still fat, or I’m way too skinny or I’m this or that, and people are always going to have their opinion. Which is typically a reflection of themself- I’m posting this picture not because I want everyone to tell me how they think I look. But to say I like how I look and that’s all that matters. You should too!’👏🏼 See we cannot move forward, become healthier, more aware, or better ourselves if we do not like who we are now. 🌙 There is a saying “you will never create something good ☀️ out of something bad.” 🌧 So if you are feeling “bad”, or you don’t “like” where you are now, you will be stuck there. And you will be “stuck” only until you can learn to love this place you are currently in. ✨
Being stuck is a BLESSING 🙏🏼 I used to HATE HATE HATE that I was a bigger girl, that I didn’t have a naturally skinny body and I would think I was being punished for having to work for it. 🏃🏼‍♀️
Turns out that being overweight was the best thing that ever happened to me (seriously!) 💚 I grew so much through that experience, I have been able to build an empire around my experience and help hundreds of thousands of people become healthier, happier and see them grow and help others as well 💁🏼‍♀️ So you may not feel grateful for your insecurities or the situation you are in now but it is your biggest gift and only you can decide to see it as one 🎁OWN it 👑 rise above it 👆🏼and make your biggest downfall your biggest WIN ❤️

New meal plan video on my YouTube channel feat. this amazing #raw spaghetti ^link in my story or here > https://youtu.be/m0kq3ZN8SOg #vegan #weightloss #healthy

* When you’re telling someone how you lost weight eating a massive amount of #carbs and they blurt out “BUT POTATOES MAKE YOU FAT!!” 😭😭😭😭Who can relate?? 🍚🍏🥒🍠🌽🥔🥦🍓🍍🥕🍌🍈🥝#vegan #hclf

Minimalist product swaps video to make your year more eco-friendly and save 💲💲! I’m uploading a new video today but if you haven’t seen this one check it out! Link in my story or just search High Carb Hannah - Have a fab Wednesday ❤️

I think the key to happiness is gratitude 🙏🏼 it’s easy to think of all the things going wrong in our lives or what we “need” to improve but there is so much we already have NOW to be happy about. We have so many things that we once wished for. Things we thought in the past “if I just had that, I’d be happy”. And we forget that. As humans our nature is to strive for more, to always keep reaching. It is also our detriment. We all CHOOSE to be happy or not in each moment and what we ALLOW to effect us. Choose happiness. Choose gratitude 🙏🏼

Raw marinara that is devine 🤗 recipe coming soon to my YouTube channel 🍝 #vegan #rawvegan

New video! I show you my food Haul 🥗🥑🍍🍐🍇🍎🍉🍆🍌🥦🍋🥒🍇🥦🥝 from this week and some of the meals I created with it ❤️ link in my story or just search High Carb Hannah ☀️

We just got out first @miamifruit box 🤗 can anyone guess these varieties of fruits? #fruit #vegan

First time having @pressedjuicery ❤️ so good! #vegan #healthy

Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have now and being grateful for it 🙏🏼 photo by my amazing live in photographer @diyhomesteadprojects ❤️

One of the most beautiful places I’ve been - Iao Valley Maui

Being in love is an amazing thing. You love yourself, your pets, you’re life. But being in love with your best friend is everything. I get a lot of questions about the secret to a sustainable happy relationship. It all starts with YOU. You are the one that has the power to change your relationship. I can only help you by telling you what I know. That is. To focus on what you LOVE about your partner, because you will get more of it. When they do something you like or want, appreciate it. Show them LOVE 💗 tell them how much you appreciate it when they do the dishes, fix the bed, yard work, fix the sink or whatever it is. The more you FOCUS and try to tell someone what to do, they create a RESISTANCE to it and it’s no longer fun or rewarding. Think about whenever your boss tells you that you’re doing an amazing job. You’re first instinct is to want to do better. This works in every case, with your family, friends, pets, anyone. Just praise people and love them for what you love about them, and you will get more of that. And the bad shit? Let it go. You would have to let it go in time anyway so you might as well do yourself a favor and forgive now ☺️ move on into a world of love and peace and it will serve you infinitely ⭐️

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