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Shauna Alterio  creative director who ran away from the city to an a-frame house in the burbs with my best friend, two kids, and a dog.

it's been a tough few weeks for this kid. after some regression, we've decided to start ABA therapy. i'm feeling conflicted but positive that we need more help. if you have experience with ABA, DM me. I'd love to hear the positive / negative and what to expect in the beginning. xo #spectrum_inspired

best vacation ever. we're out! #airbnb

@loidoltandsons, you're pretty good at this dad gig. xo


6.17.17 Edison

this old fella might love vacations even more than the rest of us.

morning drawing session. #airbnb

tiny pants. @loidoltandsons, how do we not have an outdoor clothesline at home?


someone is sleeping in. and it's not me.

sparklers! sawyer wanted to "stay up late and have so much more fun."

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