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Shauna Alterio  creative director who ran away from the city to a little blue house in the woods with my best friend, two kids and a dog.

edison’s recap of his first day of school... “sometimes, i don’t listen to my teacher.”

special thanks to sawyer for putting edison in a choke hold so I could snap this photo. next up in our week of firsts: edison’s first day of montessori school. good luck to them :)

we’ve been practicing the drop off routine for a week, but working towards this day since his autism diagnosis three years ago. our mission was to leave nothing on the table, to do everything imaginable to give him / us the tools IF mainstream inclusion kindergarten was right for him.
and here we are. his first day doesn’t feel epic. it feels like any another day, navigating highs and lows like we always do. but this morning sawyer said “I’m not feeling excited because I don’t know what to expect.” I thought to myself... 8 therapy sessions a week, for 3 years, can really put a 5 year old in touch with their feelings. and THAT feels epic, that’s what we’ve truly been working for.
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edison was here.

♥️ slow mornings at home.

🚽 ✔️
we’ve tried everything. last week, we simply told him we were out of diapers and he had to use the toilet. he said OK.
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IEP (if you know, you know)
glad it’s over, but please someone tell me it’s possible to have a positive IEP experience. each one leaves me frustrated by the comparisons and generalizations made about sawyer, our family, boys, and autism. i wish administrators had empathy for how it feels to sit on the other side of the table. things said to make us feel better are actually belittling and dismissive. they assume our goal is for sawyer to be more “normal” but we want to support his navigating the world while confidently being himself.
PS this kid is pure magic and he’s officially going to kindergarten!
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today was edison’s first BCC clinic appointment! it took us 1.5 years after EI services to get through the paperwork, evaluations, and waiting lists to make it happen, but we did it. high-5 @loidoltandsons!

evening pool party at the farm (and I’m officially obsessed with @minnidip).

🌮 keeping track of places to visit again: @tacoslanc @roosterst @tomatopiecafe @passengercoffee @graciesonwestmain @luca_lancaster @centralmarketlancaster
if you have more lancaster favorites, tell me!

waiting for stephen.

tiny house adventure.
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