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Hidetada Yamagishi  Co-Promoter @ifbb_pro_league_japan_pro Co-Owner @bodicafe ArnoldClassic212 Champion 8xOlympian 3xIFBBPro champion @gaspari @team_npcj

It’s chilling even here in Vegas we are officially getting in winter time so @sidneywilson4 and me just picked up some @officialgasp long sleeve and @officialbetterbodies pants at @bodicafe ! ラスベガスも寒くなってきた。この季節はロングスリーブとスエットパンツで過ごす。GASPとベターボディの新作がかっこいい!プロフィールのリンクから日本へ直送🇯🇵!

@gaspari #plasmajet is back in stock Limited supply! Order link in bio. プラズマジェット限定入荷!すでに製造中止決定、在庫のみ!プロフィールのリンクから今すぐ注文!

TBT a few days before @arnoldsports last March Posing practice with @milossarcev @matt_maldo_ @iriskyle and @bettysuzuki79 3月のアーノルドクラシック数日前。

Attention @ifbb_pro_league_japan_pro and pro qualifier competitor! Please book your tanning appointment with @expert_tans ASAP! Limited availability Book your spot now! Link in bio. ワールドレジェンドクラシック、プロクオリファイ出場選手は今すぐカラーリングの予約を!プロフィールのリンクから予約できます。

Congratulations @rene_marven aka @superleague.live BLD WORLD CHAMPION!
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Are you working towards improvement OR remaining stagnant? @iriskyle always has the best words of wisdom... something in particular she says "If you aren't moving forward you are actually going backwards"! There is no such thing as STANDING STILL! @superleague.live has been SO good for me! Not only am I learning MY OWN STRENGTH... I'm achieving goals I set for myself. How do we do it? Iris and I formulate a PLAN... give me the GREEN LIGHT... and EXECUTE! I used to be afraid of BENCH PRESSING!!!!!! Now I look forward to PUSHING past what I THOUGHT was my MAX! TODAY I DID 165 for 12 reps!!! Another day... and a new PR... thats what its all about. Are you living or just coasting through life??? Think about it... TOMORROW IS A NEW WEEK... WHAT GOALS will you set for yourself?

Road to comeback! Full video on my YouTube channel (link in my bio) 2019年シーズンに向けて始動、オリンピアステージに再び立つ!フルビデオはプロフィールのリンクより。

@ifbb_pro_league_japan_pro Prize money breakdown just updated! https://www.ifbbpro-japan.com

7 weeks out @ifbb_pro_league_japan_pro Pro/Am Register NOW! ジャパンプロまであと7週間!チケット好評発売中、選手登録受付中!

It was my honor to know @strengthsensei1 He asked me what it’s called teacher in Japanese and I told him it’s called Sensei... Rest in peace ストレングスコーチの第一人者チャールズポリクインが亡くなった。チャールズとはミロスの紹介で、メイン州の彼のジムに行って腕トレーニング本のモデルを務めてからたまにテキストでやり取りしていた。ある日teacher は日本語でなんと言うのかと聞かれて「せんせい」だと答えたらそれをニックネームに使ってたな。合掌。

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When we loose a sibling or adored family member we are all absolutely devastated. But loosing someone who far exceeds that as he truly represents that one of the kind “the most important person” in your (my) life who is always there for you, who always calls and check on you to be sure you are OK or need anything...One who inspires you, motivates you encourages you and supports you in everything...Helps you when you need help...and someone who shares his endless views/opinions/insights and unimaginable wealth of knowledge so you can improve in every possible way....One who sincerely cared and loved you so potently yet effortlessly...when he is gone - it feels like a whole world just stopped. Less then a month ago I was staying in his house, having wonderful moments (with another close friend he introduced me to @jc_simo) and I now know that was our “goodbye”. I am crushed with pain and tears cannot stop falling. I can only imagine what his daughter Krystal, brothers Daniel, Louis and Micheal and sisters Isabela and Stephanie that absolutely meant a world to him and adored them all beyond measure feel right now...and what kind of pain they are coping with 😞. My sincerest condolences to all his family and friends. 🙏❤️ One of my closest friends Charles R. Poliquin, the most brilliant man I knew and by far the most influential man in whole sports industry - has died at the age of 57. May God take his soul and put it where it belongs - for eternity. Rest in Heavens Charles 🙏 - you’ll always, ALWAYS live in me ❤️.

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