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chill  Ask questions and gain knowledge. Don't let fear become your driver...


Look around you. There are infinite doors. #wakeup

what i like to do is stare at my hands nd make myself believe I was born 2 seconds ago so nothing that happened before 2 seconds ago makes me suffer

i woke up at 11:11. Went to chill with the trees at 1:11, drove to sprouts at 2:22, got home at 3:33, went to dog park with doggo and dropped off my friends at 5:55, Clean the whole kitchen with my mom at 7:11, i started cookin at 9:11; meditation ended at 11:11 now im in bed and started writing this caption at 12:12 but this is going to sent in 3 minutes nd its gonna be 12:34. My point is the the more i get intuned with my potential, the more life synchronizes. I feel crazy randomly checking the time for no apparent reason. Its feels mechanical. Theres so much to understand and I dont really understand at all. If we only chose to understand reality rather than fragmenting it. I am here to get a big picture understanding of reality. Way beyond "My" beliefs, "My" ideologies and "My" prespective. and holy shit its way past 12:34 😭

Try to recall some times in your past when you really learned something. Not just a piece of information, but you grasped something so deep that it actually shifted a part of who you were. Like a small piece of you died that day. And from that a permanent change in behavior happened, and it was rather effortless. You didn't have to moralize to yourself, you didn't have to fight with yourself. You just finally learned the lesson. Learning = Behavior Change.

getting angry is like grabbing hot coal with your bare hands and throwing it to somebody else. You're gonna burn yourself.

this post itself is a distraction👁

if you never let go of the wrong friends, you can never meet the right ones

first i said to myself "must be nice"
then I realized i always hear the things going on in my head

the greatest defense mechanism of the mind is to bullshit itself and others #noego #egodeath #mushrooms #lsd #dmt #5meodmt #consciousness #awareness #meditation #spirituality #vipassana #buddha #path #wakeup #beaware #bullshitters

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