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Aluka Helen Amarachi 

A splendid week

The love was superb yesterday#mabirthday## Kisses to u all.... Me love y'all

Issa Hurrah!!!!!!!Sumtin....Ya

It's MA birthday#raregem#mamaspride#God'sbaby#

I decided to try this today#multiple posts#kisses

Dear mother,you don't know how much I love u so much more than anything in this world.I celebrate u because you a rare gem,a hardworking mum,a wonderful role model. Through runny noses, fevers and heartbreaks, she was the best nurse ever.I wouldn’t be here without her.When I have really good news or really bad news, she’s the first person I call. Shes the glue that holds us all together.I can always get the best advice from her concerning anything.When life gets so stressful that I practically forget who I am, she reminds me.She’s my best friend.She always made sure I knew I was loved.She prays for me,Though,I’ve probably given her too many reasons to pray for me.She takes my call no matter what.Her smile makes everything OK.She never stops listening.She always tried to give me honest answers to the hard questions.I admire the volunteer work she does.Sometimes, I realize I’m becoming a lot like her…and I’m glad.She listens when I talk about all the ridiculous drama in my life.She accepts all my little quirks.If she ran the world, no one would ever be mean to me,ever.She makes delicious food. It can’t be found anywhere else quite like hers.She’s my No 1 boo. She’s the one who makes birthdays and holidays happy.She loves giving advice, and especially when I take it.No matter what you need, she probably has it in her purse. She’s prepared!.She took us to church every week so faith would be a part of our lives.She knows when I’m changing the subject to avoid something I need to talk about.She’s always believed in me.She taught me to believe in myself.She taught me all I needed to know about being a good human being.She’s my best friend.She always made sure I knew I was loved.The best mummy ever because you are Full of wisdom,so strong,non-judgmental,teaches me important stuff,Ah-mazing cook,she gives me positive vibes,confident,promotes honesty,she's so selfless and she NEVER GIVE UP.I've got a lot Mamie to say,u are unique amongst all @newtonanddavid #CelebrateHerNow#WithoutMyMum I nominate @nhn_couture @jubeauty64

Inhale positivity & exhale negativity.... ALWAYS 100%#live#lover of God#focused#greatbigdreams#mama'spride#yummy#itshighlyneeded#happysundayfizzes#kisses..mua


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