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هبة  ✉ E-Mail for business inquiries 🎨 art tools -> story highlights ❤ besties @darumeii & @evarowse ♀️ and 20 y.o. 📍 Vienna, Austria

I love drawing eyes 👀 Those are some of my faves I did🙈 which one is ur fav?
I think u can tell my fav eye color is brown/hazel/green kinda thing 😂 tho I think all eye colors are beautiful ♡


Some more commission work 🙈beauties @prettypesky & @simply.camilla

..sometimes I overdo it with the lighting 😂😂 sry Im obsessed lol

Warmup study 🖌 ref was @bellahadid

Uhh I kinda suck at making structured tutorials so I just compiled a bunch of tips and anything that came to my mind about drawing eyes.. I hope this helps somehow :)
I'm obsessed with eyeliner so its always the first thing I draw when drawing eyes, and I like to exaggerate it a lil 😂 I also like adding eyeshadow, as in some color on the eyelid and under the waterline.. it gives it a certain something
And for learning the shape of eyes it helps a lot to just look up reference of eyes and draw a bunch of them in pairs! (Drawing them in pairs helps more than just drawing a single eye)
Good luck!

Some of the commissions I've done in the past few months 🙈 Commissions of @natslocs, @mohini_amrita and @solitudeandhappiness ♡ thank u guys for commissioning me :)

Hiii Im backk!! Hope u are all doing well! I had my last exam todayy (next ones are not till end of feb) and Im soo happy T - T and plus Im gonna travel to Hamburg, Germany next week!! Ahhh so excitedd cos Im gonna meet my friend @whycinna for the first time *-* meeting online besties for the first time is always so damn exciting akdlssjdkfll

Commission for a birthday girl with her cute doggie Sky ♡ Happy bday sweetie! Wish u all the best! @engla_p

Sum sketches ~ Im so stressed with Uniii I cant wait for finals week to be over 😭😭 I miss drawing a lot too.. good luck to everyone else whos having finals ; - ;

Lighting study using ref from @haneulina
Ur comments on my last post were so supportive (and funny 😂) they encouraged me to draw more guys from now on 🙈❤ thank uu

"hiBa wHy DO yOu NeVEr DrAW gUyS"
actually dunno theres no reason lol
but for everyone who keeps asking for it.. there u go
I tried

Swipe ➡️
It was fun although the colors look a bit off on my phone 😂 gotta go back to studying now cos I have another week of finals by the end of this month ; - ;

Some sketches 🍁 excuse the bad quality its so dark today theres literally no light in my room lol

Commission for my super sweet friendd meliiii 💕💕 I love u so muchh Meli thank u for commissioning me 💕

Had to take a rly quick photo cos I had to leaave but the lighting was so good and I knew it would only stay for like 5 min cos these days the sun barely shows 😂 one of the main reasons I miss summer.. its dark over here like 24/7

Something that started as a photo study and turned into something else at some point haha

Yayy first post of the year 😂 couldnt decide which photo to post so I posted both lol
the struggle is reaaal

Omg last portrait of 2017 ahh!!! So exciting! I cant wait for 2018 and to see whats to come *-*
Swipe to see my favorite artworks of this year!

Even tho I didnt do much art wise this year, it was a great year for me because I learned so many new things and met amazing people and had such incredible experiences that changed me as a person and made me well.. who I am today <3 thank you all for always being such a loving and supportive second family for me! I wish you all the best!!! Happy new year 🎆🎉

Hope u all have a good dayy ❤❤❤

Winter ~ I get asked a lot what inspires me in my artworks, and it can be a lot of different things. Other art, photography, people, faces, colors, the weather.. oh and makeup is a huge one too haha. I love getting inspired by makeup artists *-* what inspires you guys?

Yeah I spend a lot of time sketching in cafes xD anyways, a small reminder for you guys: you can enjoy 10% off on @danielwellington when purchasing any watch + a cuff or strap of your choice, creating a unique holiday bundle gift set ♡ use my code "HIBA15" for an additional 15% off! Thank you @danielwellington again for the collab 😊❤ #danielwellington #ad

When Im artblocked it sometimes helps to try out new things so I tried a simple, more stylized drawing 🙈 anddd I think it helped a bit haha

Hii guys Im back!! Hope you're all doing well <33 Im finally done with exams for a lil while now ahh! I missed drawing so much T - T today I sat down in a café and had a mini artmeet with @nesh_kun haha I did so many sketches like wow its been ages since I held a pencil QvQ like 3 weeks or something.. bruhh
Im just so happy to be backk 😭😭 I'll be doing some digital art so u guys can be expecting some new portrait posts yayyy

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