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هبة  ✉ E-Mail for business inquiries 🎨 art tools -> story highlights ❤ besties @darumeii & @evarowse ♀️ and 21 y.o. 📍 Vienna, Austria ♡ #hibatanocs

Hey guys! Long time no see 🙈 truth is, I'm not in a good place with my art at the moment.. of course I have my ups and downs with art like anyone else, but I can tell that this time it's like really bad. Usually my artblocks feel like I forgot how to draw, art frustrates me etc.. but even at those times I would never lose my love and passion for art. This time it's kinda different, I feel like I have no desire whatsoever to create art. I am barely if not at all enjoying it.. which makes me feel super empty and sad, because art is such a big part of me and who I am as a person. I feel lost without it, however I also feel like I have no deep connection with it anymore. I literally have to FORCE myself to draw. And it's also kinda difficult for me to talk about 😭 Even tho I'm feeling this way rn I am convinced that this will pass and I will be able to enjoy art again. I just dont know how much time I will need or what I have to do. All I know is that I truly miss enjoying art and feeling so strongly about it. Thank you guys for hearing me out, I just kind of needed to vent 🙈💕

D.VA 🐰 this drawing started out with me trying to challenge myself to paint in only one color, then suddenly I thought "oh this would actually make a nice dva fanart" then it had to go through a million stages of me constantly changing the outfit, pose, expression, me giving up on it, me going back to working on it, me giving up on life... and now we here QvQ anddd I dont rly like it as much as I hoped I would hahaha Idk if thats funny or sad 😂😂 ///sniff PLUS its so vibrant on my phone and looks a lot better as a print/ on my laptop WHYY

Collab between me and @darktownart ! We met at a convention I was at 2 weeks ago and she commissioned me to sketch her OC Lily 🙈 she later colored it and it turned out soo pretty *-* thank you @darktownart 💕

Made a new Jisoo fanart because I was so dissatisfied with my other one 🙈 Jisoo deserves better 😂 now the 4 members are finally complete!! ♡

Lily 🌺 this was a last minute artwork I finished before attending AniNite's artist alley xD I was also really busy especially since it was my first artist alley and I had 0 experience 🙈 it was really stressful that I forgot to post this 😂 but here it iiiis finally

EDIT: Forgot to mention!! Thank you @darumeii for posing for me and letting me use your beautiful hands as ref ♡♡♡ love uu

It's been a whiiile 🙈 slowly getting back into sketching but it's gonna take me some time to get over artblock 😩

Quick sketch in @child_0f_autumn 's sketchbookkk

Lisa 💕

Rosé 🌹 finallyy haha took me long enough QvQ tho Im finally on summer vacation!! Time to live a little 😩😂

Quick sketch from earlier today 😊
You guys can still use my @danielwellington 15% discount code "15HIBA" to get one of their Eid gift sets including a watch + free strap + a cute little heart charm "محبة" 💕 also, cash on delivery is now available in KSA 🎉 #danielwellington #ad #DWcelebrateseid

Jennie 💕 planning on drawing all the members! Who should I do next? Having a hard time deciding rn lol

Im still in this phase of being absolutely dissatisfied with everything I draw so Im experimenting with new stuff like new colors, new shapes.. challenging myself n stuff
And this is the first artwork in a whiiile where I dont completely despise it 😂 kinda happy we're making progress here lol but theres still a long way to go 🙈 the colors are so out of my comfort zone haha but it was so fun regardless!! I learned a lot doing this and Im happy about that 😊

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