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November 10th is the day I celebrate my body. 9 years since my head was cut open for surgery on my lil ol’ brain to change my life forever in unforeseen ways..
I have thick curves but run marathons. I have tons of cellulite but have done two back-to-back 100 mile rides on a 500 mile bike tour. I rip the thighs in jeans on a regular basis but also lift heavy. I’m a great fitness coach and also easily put on 10 pounds at any given time.
I am on this constant journey to prove myself wrong of my limits, and find HOME for my spirit in this beautiful body.
Today I celebrate my wholeness and perfection in all its shapes.

One whole year. I look back and question how it’s all even possible? How did I get so lucky? Sometimes we look at each other and say something along the lines of “I had no idea I could be this in love.” He felt like home from the very first second. We have taken a lot of risks that have all been 100% worth it. Started a long-distance love, moved across the country together, made some career changes, met cool people along the way, been mega mega broke, laughed and cried a lot, ate a lot of food, etc etc. We’re best friends and teammates. I feel incredibly unworthy and overwhelmingly grateful for the privilege of being yours, @grntmrtnbrl. Cheers to year 2. I’m sure it’ll be just as crazy, if not more.

My whole world.

Bye bye, Thunderbird, it was a good time! And goodbye to some other things today too, including not being my best and truest and favorite self. Big inhales and steps forward full of hope!

This picture is my sister. A super-mom, a super-woman, a super-everything. Her husband and our dad working hard in the background building their new house, a well-used playground as she raised wild and adventurous littles, and a house behind me that is filled with love and warmth and learning and growing and healing. She truly is incredible and inspiring in every way and my best friend and a treasure to every one who knows her. I love you, RaRa, happy birthday (yesterday)!

I get to see these goobers in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, friends. Happy fall!! Favorite lessons as of late: It’s okay to have low low days, do something every day that makes you feel proud of yourself, and when you want to be offended or angry at someone, find compassion by imagining them as a lil sweet baby.

Another Monday, another favorite member’s birthday! Happiest day @jeepgirl22, and cheers to your best year yet! You truly are a treasure to know and have in classes. You feel like both a mama and a friend, and ya sure are a strong badass! 💪🏻

Becoming better with every set and rise. Constant process. Constant journey.
Current processes: humility, gentle kindness, self-love, responsibility, and more humility.

This lady is such a gift! Every single time she shows up for class she’s got the most contagious smile, kindness, and encouragement. Cheers to your best year yet, Rachel (a day late 🙃)!!! I love my job.

Missing this special time in life and special friendship. So many memories tucked away in my heart and mind saved up for a day like today to remember and rejoice.

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