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mija  /drama kween

djing tomorrow at @soapseoul ✅ 너무 신나요!

Taiwan was incredible. we took at least 10 baths in different hot springs, walked miles around a quiet beach town, explored the neighborhood temples, and even bought matching friendship bracelets💛💛

seoul sisters 👯

bye for now. |@visualsbyedwin

on my way to asia right now♥️

“will you sign my pocket dictionary?” asked my newest friend. |📸 @ronnieloyd

everything is fine

happy spooky day🎃 omw to Nashville to dj all night long~ 📸: @enmanuelzabala18

i’m not shy, you are.

to all the freaks, geeks, preps, ravers, band nerds, punks, and anyone else who didn’t “fit in” —you are not alone. you are important. and if u are struggling to get thru high school.... i can promise you that it gets easier. embrace people that are different from you. look them in the eyes when you speak. listen. no, really LISTEN. ask questions when you don’t understand. become so purely yourself that you own it and no one will ever be able to take that away from you. (s/o @acdom for an inspirational af educator, and also for giving me a good grade on this)

i practice on myself first

remixed my friend, @ilovenickmonaco song “River” off his new album that just dropped on his new label @unisexrecords 💋link in bio