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BuYusi Irene  say sorry to myself. though somebody never cares about me.

let it be~ 顺其自然吧,因为无能为力。能做的就是认真工作、好好学习、自我提升。希望你更加优秀以后能够遇到她,时间或许是能够治愈伤痕,但岁月带不走伤疤,就这样吧,生命中注定要走的路。


surfing on Facebook ~

Missha Shoppe in Beijing .


so long time no update, hope to see yoonho and max in Beijing, it's nearer to my will.

생일 축하합니다 ! 심창민

생일축하핫니다 . 유노윤호 2013.2.6



I always don't want to miss anything splendid , but sometimes we must put something down for some more significant things . it's the end of 2012 but also the start of 2013, every coin always has two sides. the distinctive style appeals to me , though I've no idea what the words mean in korean , I can still feel the emotion about "keep ur head down" with sorrow be cuz of love . good luck , men, new year is another tomorrow . fight for self no matter what had happened and will happen .

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