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Hannah Sheldon  Oahu ☼ always evolving lets save our oceans 🌊 vegan

we live in a world that’s constantly changing and growing. For me being mindful on my impact on our earth is something i love learning and bettering myself at. In today’s world we go through so many unconscious actions, for me a big thing I am working on is being conscious on the little things I do like what i eat, how it’s gets to me, or the simple act of getting dressed. Living in Hawaii and surfing all the time, i’m pretty much always in a bikini. It’s so nice to see that brands are teaming style and sustainability together to give us ladies the options to leave a smaller foot print on this beautiful place we get to call home! Happy Earth day everyone! Let’s stand together for our earth, by being conscious in our choices!

tiny slow morning, always feels good to get in the water though 💧 // 🛸 @adventures_ofjess

time to groove 🌞💫 // pc: @holladayphoto

self love. to heal yourself so you can heal the world. many times i hear people speak of self love as a destination but just like many other things in life it’s not, it’s a constant journey of growth. here’s a lil snip of something i wrote in my journal about my journey and where i stand now, “dear self, i have learned to hold so much space for you, to finally truly and deeply love you even in the times of hurt and the times of nothing. i am sorry it took me so long to fully accept your cycles and your weaknesses. it is all beautiful because it makes you who you are and i wouldn’t want to trade you for anyone else. thank you body for making a home for my soul in this lifetime. i promise to continue to nourish you in love and wellness. love me”
loving yourself for who you are is vital in healing yourself, those you attract, and how you treat the environment your surrounded by.

silhouettes at home ✨// pc @holladayphoto

flowing with nature ❊ // pc: @nainoab

💧 by @tommypierucki

this hats a great bee saver 🐝 #35mm

cruzin’ into the inside reform 💚 #35mm

ohhh la la sunshine baby 🌞

lil wave caught by @adventures_ofjess 🦋

your thoughts create your perspective & your perspective creates the life you see, thus creating the life you live. we are all so unique in how we view the world, how we express ourselves, & who we are! Feeling so grateful to be surrounded by so many unique and beautiful shining souls! // pc: @tommypierucki a friend whose soul shines through his art 💙

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