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#eclipse2017 it has begun in Nashville

@wizard.boi's story just made me feel like I could actually be someone's dream man 😎🍟♥️

In or out of cosplay, you'll be hard pressed to find a prettier, sweeter, more awesome soul than @itsnmj
Go follow her and catch her new twitch streams. She's just a joy to know. ♥️ #cosplay #girlsofcosplay

@bostonbeecosplay just contributed that bod to @tacobell and I just wanted to say THANK YOU @tacobell ... Thank you soooooo much. 🌮♥️

Oh say can you see @bostonbeecosplay making all Americans want to salute... er making us raise our... er.. proud... That's it, making us proud. 🇺🇲 #redwhiteandblue

I don't understand how it's even possible to be as beautiful as @lie_chee sometimes... Truly a goddess. 😍

Guys! GUYS! Go check out @captainkayceecosplay's Patreon! You could get a CAPE! A CAPE!!$*+/$#!

Not enough of you are following the completely PERFECT @lie_chee ... FIX THAT! GO FOLLOW! ... or don't, and she'll have more time for me (your loss)

Had a great time watching @itsnmj make things on her first ever twitch stream!

This is my prized foil nerd play card featuring her awesome MJ.

Forever my favorite Rey ♥️

Check out @karrigan.taylor 's sweet Indy cosplay

@hayleehendricks A SEQUEL. :P

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