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terpaksa post balik sebab terpadam , bye.

tahniaah sayang!

Niagaa harini

New day are near but still I want to write this down. My first ever wish .
Today, February 7th mark my older brother turning 20 years old . He's officially an adult now.
- I've a lot of memory of us growing up whether when it was just the two of us or when we got another siblings . We've been playing together since kids and growing up, he did sacrifice a lot for my sake even though I just realize it now . I pray for his happiness and wellness in the world and Hereafter .
"O Allah protect him and grant him with only happiness and grant all his wishes. May Allah bless his life and make his dream comes true whatever it is . Give him a clear , straight path , may he be with the people that he can rely on and would never do anything bad to him Do bless all the people that have been with him during his hard time".
- Abang, Happy Birthday.

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