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Beautiful morning for a midway meet up hike with my bestie, @la0488! Man, I’ve missed this girl! Lovely way to start fall, despite it being 80+ today 😂 #bettertogether #firstdayoffall #reunion #dayhike

What a beautiful place!! So thankful for these people and their willingness to go exploring with me 💞💞 #blessed #sunset #blackrocks #blackrocksmarquettemichigan #marquettemichigan #labordayweekend

What a difference a week makes (and a couple of other important changes!) Warning: Long Post Last weekend was a bit discouraging bc I felt AWFUL for the last 4-5 miles of that run and it was such a mental slap (“why do you torture yourself like this?!”). Sadly, we can’t always control everything about each run. HOWEVER, there are some BIG differences that REALLY helped me today compared to last weekend and I felt great afterward by comparison so I figured I’d share! 1) PRE-hydrate. Thanks to @liquidiv I did extra hydration every day this past week (and this morning!) and I didn’t even run out of water today! Big win for me and probably the most important part (which will be continued! 🙌🏻) 2) wake up early enough to roll out BEFORE running. #rockball is my favorite. Whole body. So crucial. 3) YOGA! I did my personal runner’s yoga flow series (~15-20 mins) 4 days this past week. 4) run EARLY. Beat (some of) the heat. It’s worth it. 5) KNOW your route. Know how long before each turn and break it down. One step, one mile, one run at a time. #wevegotthis #runnergirl #runnersthatlift #girlsthatrun #marathontraining #guessitstimetocommit #timetoeat #springtribe #altrarunning #solomanrunning #garminvivoactive

Words are never enough to express how truly thankful and blessed I am to have you in my life @liftyleaks. Thank you for coming into my life and always loving me, supporting me, cheering me on, pushing me to be better and never giving up on me (even when I’m a mess). I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished and can’t wait to see what’s next! Happy 4 years to us!! 💞💞 I’m excited for our dinner date! 😘 #loveyoulongtime #mysweetie #couplesthatlift

Pleasantly surprised by this evening’s run after working a few hours this morning, followed by chest day at the gym and a baby shower (with a 2 hr round trip drive)! Had no expectations and actually felt really good until the last two miles. However, unpleasantly surprised by the souvenir I picked up along the way... thankful that @liftyleaks had plenty of food ready when I got home! 😍😍 #hesthebest #bloodblister #poorpinkytoe #timefornewshoes #runnersthatlift #runnergirl #liftersthatrun #springtribe #salomonrunning

Today is get naked (from the neck up) day!
Take a naked (no makeup/no filter) selfie and post it publicly with #rfgonaked! For each selfie, Rodan + Fields will give $1 to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation -- up to $1 million USD in total donations. This raises money for education for at risk youth.

Let’s make a difference! And you don’t have to be a R&F user to participate!
#rfgonaked #selfiesforagoodcause #prescriptionforchangefoundation #lifechangingskincare #buildOn @folanshauna

Happy Father’s Day to the man that always supports me, loves me unconditionally and puts up with all the women in his family. We love you so much and are so thankful for all you do!! 💞💞 #happyfathersday #daddysgirls

Beautiful, hot, morning for a 5k trail run! Sappony put on a wonderful and well planned (and well marked!) race! I really enjoyed it and even pulled out first female finisher (and yes, that’s a walking stick hand-carved by the tribe leader!!). #sappony5ktrailrun #sapponytrailrun #runnersthatlift #girlsthatrun #runnersareawesome #optoutside #altrarunning

Rainy afternoon track day: 2 mile warm up; Speed Ladder: 1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m,400m (5:07, 4:15, 3:19, 2:26, 1:32) with 200m jog between; 2 mile cool down. The light rain was rather refreshing. ☔️ #runnersthatlift #runnergirl #trackworkout #speedwork #rainyrun

Words can’t express how incredibly proud I am of you, Miles!!!! @liftyleaks, You did it!!!! #RNgrad #SVCC #graduate #mylove

Words can’t express how incredibly proud I am of you, Miles!! (@liftyleaks) After all your hard work, you’ve made it!! Wonderful pinning ceremony tonight during #nursesweek along with winning the John J. Cavan Nursing Student Graduate Award voted on by your classmates. Idk how you did it all and still did all you do at home. I love you!! You will always be my favorite nurse. 💞💞 now on to graduation this weekend!! Xoxo.

Third and final day in the books of #grandviduta !! Hard to believe it’s already over! These ladies are so amazing!! I’m so proud of each of them and all the wonderful new friends I’ve made. What an incredible experience! I may just have to become a trail runner! Even pulled out a first place age group finish! #trailrunning #runnersthatlift #runnergirl #stagerace #springtribe #momentumjewelry

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