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Wonderful quick visit to our sweet patriarch with the whole (giant) family. I hope I am half as full of joy and love and humor at 93 as this man. ❤️ Also loved spontaneous time with my fam people 👌💯

Oh baby. Happy 3 month birthday to this happy love of mine!! I can’t believe it’s been a quarter of a year 🙌 Baby J loves being held, eating, eating more, standing, and sharing his opinions. Dislikes being cold, sudden loud noises (including mama H’s abrupt laughter!), and being hungry for one minute. He is a total delight to everyone he meets. I am in awe of the work God has done in my heart and the way He has already used J to open others to caring for children who need loving arms for a season. Little boy, you are so loved and precious to so many! Keep getting strong, and keep smiling! (I so wish I could show y’all his gummy, nose wrinkling smile 😍😍😍). #fostermom #fostercare

Just a fraction of the women I’m surrounded with who give life their all, constantly serve others, and don’t give up. They teach me what it means to show up and use our strengths and weaknesses to help others and to show reflect the love of our Creator. Happy #internationalwomensday, and let’s keep getting up, y’all. ❤️❤️❤️

Life with y’all is ❤️ (missing @_elyse_27 😢). Swipe for the classic photo booth pose “read the Bible” and On Broadway. Delighted to celebrate allllll the Runyons @whitrunyon @nackolas 👣👣👣👣👣

Steadfast was my word for 2016. I think it might be making a comeback this year. The first 7 weeks of 2018 have brought every emotional extreme, compounded by lack of sleep, big changes, and total uncertainty about the future for me and a little boy I adore. My heart is so quick to seek peace anywhere but the one who has it to give. Praying today that you and I plant our feet and hearts and minds in the One who cannot be moved. #monday #singlefostermom

Happy one month birthday, sweet boy! I have loved every minute with you (even the 3 am wide awake ones) and am delighted to be your mama for this time. You are so precious and make the very best faces - and you share my aggressive FOMO and staunch belief that sleep is an unnecessary hindrance to all the fun. We are so lucky to have such a tribe surrounding and supporting us all the time. Love you, goober! ❤️😍🤗👊🏻

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#fostercare #fosterlove #singlefostermom

You’ve survived three weeks with me, J. You’re my favorite 25-day-old. ❤️ #fostercare #singlefostermom

I’m stoked to be speaking at @fosteringhopeaustin annual conference! This conference last year solidified my decision and gave me perspective and confidence in moving forward. If you’re thinking about fostering or adoption or just feel like God is putting something in that area on your heart, please join us and let me know you’re coming! Head over to their IG to register.

Happy happy birthday to my best not so little sister!! I still remember how stoked I was 24 years ago to find out I had a “girl sister.” Thanks for being up for adventures, movies, long talks, travel, all the broadway and so much more. I love you dearly, @emcaitgraves !!! 👯👯❤️🤗🏙

The adventure begins! #fostermom #what

Merry (day after) Christmas! “Light and life to all he brings.” ❤️🎄

Happy Christmas Eve, y’all! ❄️🎄🏙#nyc

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