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ɑƞƞɪe cresтɑ-odɑɪr  ʜeყ ɢuყs :)x ɑƞƞɪe cresтɑ-odɑɪr ʜere 3ĸ? ƿʟeɑse?  mɑdɢყ & ecʜo

(^-^) Watching the Hunger Games again right now. FLAWLESS. That is all I can say. 👌 And hmmm thinking about what my THG experience would be...I'd probably be the first retard to die because I'd trip and fall on the land mines before the countdown was even over. 😂 #TheHungerGames #HungerGames #Katniss #KatnissEverdeen #JLaw #JenniferLawrence #Gale #Peeta #PeetaMellark #JHutch #JoshHutcherson

ATTENTION!!! Hey, guys, I just wanted to let you know that I haven't been on lately. If you need to or needed to tell me something, out it bellow. 👇👇👇

Here's an honest truth:
If you take my pictures without giving credit, I will punch you in the vagina.
Have a swell day.

I wrote another story for you guys. Comment your thoughts?

She turned to us, a look of sadness and determination mixed on her facial features. "Go!" She shrieked, shoving us away with her strong arms, to safety. To refuge.
She faced her sure death, standing up straight, squaring her shoulders. I was sure that no one had ever been as brave as she was then. They came closer by the second, dead eyes lighting up with anticipation of what was to come. She was outnumbered by at least one hundred to one, and in her mind she knew it was futile, this was her last stand.
But as the creatures came upon her, blindly trying to tear her apart, to feast on her still-beating heart, she fought with the strength of all of us combined. At first she took down two at a time, stabbing, slicing, killing.
But soon the strain was becoming too much. More of them were pouring in every second, her already slim chances getting slimmer. And finally, she was overpowered, and I became dead to everything but her agonized, pleading screams. She had never imagined such pain.
I just wanted it to end, to look away, but I couldn't. It was like someone was holding me down with my azure eyes pried open.
As she fell, I saw on her face a look of grim triumph. And then she was gone. She died dauntless, gallant, the way everyone knew she would die. Giving up her life for those she loved.

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Everyone go follow @fuckthecapitol! She's really amazing guys, you won't regret it!
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Here I write a story for my followers. Because I had nothing better to do.

He looked into her eyes and saw nothing but madness. Desperation. Fear.
They where a cloudy gray, ever-shifting like a lake on a stormy day, hues of all colours subtly weaved in.
She had been like him once: young, free, intelligent, brave.
But this world had hardened her, changed her into an animal she scarcely recognized. Nothing made sense anymore. The only solid ground she had was pain. Back when she was like him, suffering was something she tried infinite times to elude.
Now it was her only refuge. Agony was the only thing she could feel, besides the sadness, and the numbing cold her life had become. It was all she had.
Anytime the pain wasn't there, the darkness was. Calling her, tricking her, manipulating her mind with its sweet words. She couldn't take it anymore, all the torture. On her body, in her mind. Like her brain was being drowned in white-hot coals, but she couldn't scream, couldn't even lift her hands to her temples to stop it.
Please, she begged silently, save me.

You guys like? Thoughts? Sorry lol random. {#JenniferLawrence #JenLawrence #JLaw #Katniss #Flawless}

OMG I want that skirt soooooo bad. Asdfghjkl.
If anyone buys me it for Christmas, I'll love you forever. 😏
C'mon Please?
Lol anywaaaaays, in school, we have this totally ratchet art project in which we get to take an old book and basically do whatever we want with it. We pick a theme, and can cut the pages, add items, draw, whatever we fancy most at the moment. So, of course, I'm doing mine on The Hunger Games 😂😂😂 #Yolo #SorryNotSorry
The only problem is my art teacher is a total jerk, and will probably say its too violent and make me pick another theme. 😒
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Hahahaha....oh god. My dog was outside barking hysterically at something, and I couldn't figure out what. So I opened the door and leaned out, but it's like, super-dark, so I had to squint reeeeaaaaally hard. And I swear, I could have sworn I saw something shift out in the shadows...lol I guess today is the day I die... {#OkayThen #ThisIsHowIDie #JoshHutcherson #JHutch #TheHungerGames #THG #HungerGames #CatchingFire #Arena #Tributes #Filming}

I'm feeling laaaaaaaaayzaaaaay today 😂👌 Does anyone know how long chickens can survive without a head?
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It's sad because its true 😂😂😂
Does anyone else wish for a zombie apocalypse? 🙋
No, just me?
Well I guess that's alright because I'm not at all prepared. I'd die on the second day 😂😭
How long would you guys last?
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5 Day Weekend- EXPECTATIONS: Oh, I'll do all my homework on the first day, so I can be free for the other 4! And I'll also work on my projects and current events and everything else! REALITY: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...nope. Waited to do the bare minimum necessities until the night of the last day and spent the entire weekend being lazy... No regrets. {#Everytime #NotMyEdit #Katniss #KatnissEverdeen #THG #TheHungerGames #HungerGames #JenniferLawrence #GirlOnGire #Tributes}

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