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Heather Ekstrom of KNVS  Photo/Videography. Vegan🌱Gangsta on the inside. Teacher of amazing students. Grateful mom and wife. Do what you love and prove them wrong.

Austin hanging out with his cousin Noah - aka NoNo💙 Happy 2nd birthday big guy💙 #austinmichaelmort #cousins @krmortlock @ncmortlock

🔈SOUND ON! 🔈Sitting at a barbecue, restaurant, family gathering... My friends and family consume animals, I can’t stand to see or hear them chewing or smell the cooked flesh💔Non-vegans see food. I see them fighting for their lives and for every breath. I can’t unsee it. How can people not care, even when they are shown the truth? Please stop eating animals. Anything you want to eat, there’s a vegan twin. If you need help and don’t know where to start, DM me! We all started somewhere, please stop eating animals today.
#vegan #friendsnotfood #nomeatplease #veganfortheanimals #thereisnohumaneslaughter #animalswanttolive #stopthismadness

Thankful for these beautiful boys of mine💙 Here they are happily playing carefree, like they did when they were little... Tonight at dinner, each one told me about being picked on at school. Two difficult conversations later, we composed emails together to the teachers and administrators at their schools. I could tell they felt better after telling me, and they know it’s going to stop, because I take bullying very seriously, and so do their schools. Thank goodness my kids always tell me (eventually) what is going on. They try to tell the kids to leave them alone or go away, but it’s not stopping the harassment. I’m thankful for our family dinners together, random car rides and hanging out in bed together for a few minutes at the end of the night where this stuff comes up. I’ll protect my kids with everything I’ve got. They both have big hearts and a lot of pride, so God bless them for always telling me the truth, no matter how much it sucks. And I hope they don’t grow up to have the potty mouth that I do though, because I had some choice words to say about those bullies and how they treated my kids... #stopbullying #talktoyourkids #standforthesilent #bullyingisntcool

[ Repost @bionic_vegan ] Just because our parents eat meat, and their parents ate meat, does not mean that it is ok to eat meat. If you could save one family member or friend from cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, wouldn’t you try? What if diet is the key to not only preventing many diseases, but in reversing it in those that already suffer from disease? I am vegan for the animals, but initially became vegan out of concern for my health and the health of my family. I’m going to be planting little seeds of veganism/animal activism each day, and hopefully people will start to connect the dots for themselves. Here’s hoping💚 #vegan #veganfortheanimals #friendsnotfood #govegan #anonymousforthevoiceless #eatplantsnotanimals

Looked outside to find one of my dogs playing with this poor guy. I ran out in 6in of snow to see if I could get to him in time. He was still warm, but already gone. He’s buried in our flower garden next to our betta fish💙 my dogs will kill anything they find (except for the opossum that likes our yard, he plays dead really well). I hope no bunnies make dens in our backyard this year. That never goes well. #critters #respectalllife #veganfortheanimals #liveandletlive #everylifematters

So I’m finally letting go of the hope that we’ll ever get this beauty back... Our car was stolen on March 11th when it was at the dealer for some warranty repairs. Some thieves broke in to the service area and stole our car and 3 others... Right out of the service bay, with the keys in the cup holder. I’ve been tracking our truck on my Uconnect app, and found it finally on the GPS in Michigan last night. I called Schaumburg PD, had them coordinate with a Michigan Sherrif’s dept, and had deputies sent to an address at 2am. Apparently the GPS in the car wasn’t accurate, and they didn’t find the car. So I did all I could, more than most people would. I’m thankful for all of the support from the law enforcement agencies that tried to help us recover it. I know, it’s just a car, but it was Dale’s car, and it was our family car. To have it stolen was upsetting. We work hard for what we have. So a big f you to the thieves involved. People who just “take” from others are a disgrace. So time to move on I guess. Disappointed. Dale took this picture of his truck when it was brand new, and 6 months later was never able to drive it again. So we’ll get a newer one, and hopefully he’ll be able to drive again in the near future and enjoy his new car💚

When your vegetarian son finds out the red sauce with pasta he ordered had meat in it, and he already ate half of it. “We’ll get that corrected right away.” People that eat meat don’t understand... you can’t undo that. He feels so sad and violated. The manager came out and apologized and comped almost our whole bill... But Noah isn’t going to ever trust this place again @californiapizzakitchen. Used to be a favorite place to eat because of the veg options. It’s always the chance you take eating at a non-vegan restaurant. I’m sorry Noah💚. #vegetarian #vegan #nomeatplease #vegankids #violated #friendsnotfood

When you have very organized, hard-working, self-motivated students 💜💜 I’m impressed💜

Who is this proud young man? He had his first volleyball game today and rocked it! He couldn’t stop smiling when his serves went in 💙 Aver

A behind the scenes shot from our music video shoot for "F*ck With Me" by @jiggybars, SoundCloud: Jiggy bar$. Upcoming video by @kasaguinto x @knvshouse ❤ photo by me ❤
Model: @dariusk_iam.

It has been super fun hanging out with @kingkumo_ lately 💛 Dude is funny af. And talented af. And chill af.
Vape 💨 by @thephotochamp.

This was taken the first night I met @kcfours and worked with @allen_theofficial shooting my first BTS video. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me advice, opportunity, and embraced my willingness to learn and grow as an artist. ▶Dec 2017. Back before there was @knvshouse - laying the foundation for one of the most meaningful experiences of my life ✔

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