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Heather Ekstrom of KNVS  Photo/Videography. Vegan🌱Gangsta on the inside. Teacher of amazing students. Grateful mom and wife. Do what you love and prove them wrong.

A behind the scenes shot from our music video shoot for "F*ck With Me" by @jiggybars, SoundCloud: Jiggy bar$. Upcoming video by @kasaguinto x @knvshouse ❤ photo by me ❤
Model: @dariusk_iam.

It has been super fun hanging out with @kingkumo_ lately 💛 Dude is funny af. And talented af. And chill af.
Vape 💨 by @thephotochamp.

This was taken the first night I met @kcfours and worked with @allen_theofficial shooting my first BTS video. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me advice, opportunity, and embraced my willingness to learn and grow as an artist. ▶Dec 2017. Back before there was @knvshouse - laying the foundation for one of the most meaningful experiences of my life ✔

@allen_theofficial x @joellflex x @knvshouse ▶Any one of us picks up a camera and shoots, and then we shoot each other shooting ✔ We always look at the pictures/footage together immediately ❤ Family ❤

#BTS #hotimportnightsdenver #hin #chicagoartist #behindthescenes #chicagophotographer #sonya6500 #sigma30mmf14

"Elevate yourself and those around you" @allen_theofficial x @knvshouse

#sonya6500 #sony18105 #backlit #naturallight

One on one volleyball coaching today with Uncle Kevie 💙 Avery has tryouts for 7th grade vball on Tuesday ♠ Avery and Noah were both naturals with that ball today! Peep #austinmichaelmort in the back practicing with us💙💙💙

Underfoot, my babiest kitty, my sleeping buddy. He's staying at the vet through the weekend - IV fluids and electrolytes, tests, pain meds... The vet says he's pretty sick. He stopped eating Thursday, brought him in for tests Friday, then hospitalized him today. He has pancreatitis and his kidneys are not functioning well. Hopefully he'll perk up with fluids and start eating. We just lost Gray a few months ago, I can't lose another kitty... He's a tough, strong cat - I hope I got him help in time. Please say a prayer for his recovery if you can. Hoping for good news tomorrow after fluids💙 I love you Underfoot💙💙💙

@justin_keanu I've enjoyed spending time with you this visit. Next time it'll be in LA hopefully! 💙 I learn something from you every time I see you. You're a great friend and mentor. Thanks for setting up my Ronin S for me! 💙@knvshouse

The members of @knvshouse have blessed me with friendship and love in 2018.

They are amazing, talented individuals that push me outside of my comfort zone and inspire me to do more and do better. They are a part of my family, and my family is part of KNVS. Looking forward to making many more memories with these beautiful people💜

Blessed beyond words for this family of mine. Merry Christmas beautiful people🌲

Doggos 💙

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