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The Ward by Gideon Mendel, 1993.
Mendel spent a number of weeks photographing the lives of patients with AIDS in London's Middlesex Hospital. These moving images capture the love and affection between the patients and their partners, parents during the last days of their lives.
Mendel says that the acceptance of such intimacy not only between partners, but with friends, families, and the staff as well was one of the most unusual yet endearing aspects of the ward.

welcome to shitposting here's danny deVito helping you lighten your day

okay I'm finally done!


never have I seen my city so beautifully clad with such vibrancy and gaiety lord help me use this vocabulary in exams as well 🌈🏳

aksksksjdnlskjskfsk pride af! 🏳🌈

death β™₯️

@sxshrika99 is every altar at Rome for my Oliver

hey jannis
ik the times have been tough esp. with me clinging onto you and giving you no personal space like hahaha what is that again??? But the times are a changing and the stars are a aligning do you feel it ik u do!
So here's wishing u a happy 21st vaginal escape and even tho it wasn't quite a happy event for u, it is now for the people who love you.
I promise I'll try to be there to capture the various moods of a woman I love and appreciate, after all u're my favourite model/meme to exist!! Thank you for taking care of the not so small extended family of emo kids and being the badass birch u are ilysm for taking the lift and eating shit with me, bearing my lamenting ass and looking at me like u wanna kill me 24/7 😀

a collection of blurs is still a memory

the og suicide squad

pink floyd's undiscovered and unreleased discography would put contemporary bands out of business and if that ain't the tea sis

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