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hema  come on feel the illinoise!

you done did me a whole lotta proud, wife. Congrats on your official marriage to me and @echo.jmc, ily and I cannot wait for us to take the lift instead of stairs when the escalator stops working again :)

here's a grainy picture reminding you to stay gay and hydrated πŸŒˆπŸ’¦

Any colour you like - Pink floyd

I'd write paragraphs about this album but I'll contain myself and say, "recommend"; also "represent" 'cause sufjan jesus stevens understands, writes, and makes music for us all
*plays the glorious horn from Casimir Pulaski Day*

yo listen asshole,
Now that we've proceeded with our lives, and the dream of living together in New York seems kinda impossible, let's make the most of the little time we get together (this is a self reminder, I AM SORRY). You already know I'm immensely proud of you, always knew you were one intelligent dumbass bitch. So like, maybe when we get lucky, we can hopefully make our khayaali pulaos come true 😭
Until then, I'll be waiting outside the church/mandap/mandir with a bike, for you to run away, and ride into the sunset with me (so much lesbianism ufff). So stop being a drunk ass hoe, and return home soon so that we can be drunk ass hoes together πŸ‘
It's been a long ass 6yrs with you, looking forward to 6(0) more jerkass
See you in death okay I miss you and love you more than water itself πŸ’•

Hello this is a public announcement announcing the burthday of a loduster!! Thank you for bearing my distant ass and being the chepster that you are.
Even though I don't get jealous over your million best frens,
even though we don't meet for months,
know that my love for you,
knows no fucking bounds 🌹😭
Hope you know you are the epitome of sunshine and POOP,
Grow up you're already two! πŸ’©

can't wait for another year to complete this grid
cradits - @divergentexistence

that laugh is a facade;

thank you for the donuts we didn't have yesterday bye

I love you but you're kaafi stupid since your brain is in your kidney. Also, this is the 1% drunk and 5% sleepyhead typing so I'll edit it later. Despite the tatti you are, you don't have one bad picture so like fuck you.
Congrats on being born. Congrats to me too on ending on the same part of Delhi, church, and college as you. Thank you for everything. Also good news, my parents want to adopt you??
Please take care of my double chin and I shall take care of your non-existent brain, and heart. Tolerating each other's asses since August, 2017 till death do us part (so fucking cheesy). Procacrastination partners forever, Annmariya Joy ( *yk), I've got your back bitch

don't believe our fingers we came first

ho ho ho hoe?

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