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Baby stuff bc sh!# is super real out there and I need a break.

This will not last forever.

My body is my GPS. Physical sensations point me along my path.
Are you listening?

SF summer...

"I operate completely on how I feel. How do you make me feel? How does this record make me feel? How does this environment make me feel? If it makes me feel fucked up, I'm outta there" -Dr Dre #thedefiantones
I love this quote. Look at the life he's built, living by the code of "How does this make me feel?"
What would be different if you got rid of your shoulds, your have to's, and let what feels right to lead the way?
What's something you really feel like you SHOULD or HAVE TO do but are willing to question the validity of that?
What lights you up? And can you do a little bit of that today?

Yesterday was hard. My heart is still tender and yours might be too. In class tonight we will come together and just by showing up, hold space for each other. I will lead you through a practice to support the heart, a practice that will allow some of our anger to be digested.
Tonight 6:15 🙏

Hey well-meaning white people, we must stand up now, and help heal the pain our systemic bigotry has caused. This is too great a burden for ppl of color to bear alone. #resist #standup #engage #endracism #blacklivesmatter #charlottesville

@chaninicholas has an important post today. Thanks chani #blacklivesmatter #eclipseseason #charlottesville

Getting triggered is another opportunity to look within.Are we judging the behavior as good or bad? Taking things personally? Assuming the worst? Or projecting our own muck onto the situation?
Getting triggered is just another opportunity to get present and get real about whether this is a choice you're making to respond this way or just a knee jerk response.
It's usually the later.

A little funny for your Friday #accurate #imnotcrazy #imnotcrazy

A hug and a kiss from us to you! Happy Friday.

Today I honor myself as the flawed human I am.
• Because perfect is exhausting
• Because we all make mistakes
•Because loving ourselves at our worst doesn't come easily or naturally for most of us
•Loving ourselves when we feel unlovable is the work we need to do
•Love ya!

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