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she follows 🌸  i just really love zara larsson / met zara 4.17.17 / 16x

She's so cute I can't take it #zaralarsson

THIS CROWD IS INSANE. Being sappy but I'm so proud of @zaralarsson for how far she's come and accomplished. I first discovered her with her Talang audition about 9 years ago. I remember seeing her audition and being so shook and showing my whole family. She's come so far and it's what she deserves. I'm so so so damn proud @zaralarsson #zaralarsson

There is no lie. @zaralarsson #zaralarsson

The love she has for her fans is so beautiful. You can see it in her face how much she cares about us. It's so rare to find artists that genuinely care individually what fans have to say and acknowledge the love we have for her. I'm so lucky to love someone who doesn't take us for granted. @zaralarsson Thank you for always loving us as much as we love you. You're our Beyoncé. #zaralarsson

Can't believe it's #1YearOfSoGood already. I have more copies than one person should own but it's what this album deserves. It changed my life and I still listen to it every single day. I'm so fucking proud of how much you've done in this year @zaralarsson. You have so much ahead of you babe! THIS ALBUM IS SO GOOD YOU ARE SO GOOD. SO GOOD IS SO GOOD. #zaralarsson

Ughh guys I can't get over how happy @zaralarsson has been looking in Argentina. Her smile is so genuine and radient. It makes me so happy. #zaralarsson

Zara with fans always makes me so happy. You can really tell how much she cares about us and it's so wonderful. 📸 credits: @milu_valentini who met Zara yesterday! #zaralarsson

Zara looked SO GOOD yesterday. I'm shook. Also @zaralarsson if you see this pls let me know where you got this shirt I NEED IT! #zaralarsson

OHMYGOD THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH @zaralarsson HSKKDKD I can't believe you remember me because I really didn't think you did. I love you so freaking much and you don't know how much this means to me. And thank you to my girlfriend for getting this video for me #zaralarsson

Happy #internationalwomensday to all the beautiful people who identify as a women. // speaking of this day, I had an example of the control of men. This guy asked me if I have a boyfriend and I told him I'm dating a girl. And he said "but you're a girl...someday you will need a man in your life. You may be fine with a girl now but one day you will need a husband for many things." MEN REALLY DONT GET IT. WE DONT NEED YOU TO SURVIVE

Wow. They really did that. #zaralarsson

I wish I was this hot #zaralarsson

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